Hey Business Boss!

I know you're working hard on making your product, service, or offering irresistible to your target market.

But are you struggling with nailing down your designs? How do you make social media graphics, especially for visual platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, look professional?

If you're anything like me, as a solopreneur, we simply don't have the resources to hire an on-staff graphic designer to create images for our social media.

So what do we do? We figure out how to do it ourselves.

Let me introduce you to Visually Savvy: A Canva Course!

Visually Savvy A Canva Course

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Why I Created This Course

At the start of the new year, I was looking to help my clients in a way that was affordable yet still highly valuable. Since I work as a boutique social media manager for many small businesses and startup companies, oftentimes, they aren't yet in the position to outsource all of their content marketing needs.

Seeing this as an opportunity to help my fellow businessperson, I started Socially Savvy School as a place where businesses discover the techniques of marketing their brand online. Inside Socially Savvy School, I accept all businesses of any size & niche but find that those in the fashion, wellness, food, and lifestyle spaces relate better to my products.

The first of these courses dives into one of my favorite design resources, Canva! Visually Savvy: A Canva Course was created for the beginner or moderate level social media user who wants to learn how to create images from scratch that speak to their target market.

The Importance of Visuals on Social Media

There's no denying now the importance of using social media as a tool to grow your business. I think that's a fair point to say.

But if you don't use social media correctly, then you are leaving money on the table.

According to a study by Kissmetrics (a popular resource for social media marketing), content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

People need to see to believe. And giving them something visually pretty to look at on social media is one major part to using social media correctly.

Create with Canva Examples Create with Canva Examples

How This Course Can Benefit You

It's important to me that you understand this: nothing I teach here is technical or overly complicated.

I learned all of the things that I teach simply by figuring out how to do them myself with my social media clients for the past two years.

Can you learn how to use Canva without this course? Absolutely! But who has the time to put two years into figuring something out when you can learn it from someone who's already done that?

Here's the thing, I know you're busy (like mega-busy), so I created this course with your schedule in mind. Each video is less than 5 minutes and has actionable steps to ensure that you can use Canva effectively right after learning.

It's self-paced so you can finish it in an hour or two on the weekend or spread it out over a few lunch breaks.

I've also included a few bonus resources that will help guide you in your quest to easily create images that actually convert!


Visually Savvy A Canva Course

Grab it NOW

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