I had reached out to Andrea a couple of years back when we were just getting launched. She was one of the social media managers that I interviewed to help us with our social media strategy and execution. I later decided to keep the social media management in-house but over a period of time I noticed that our platforms were not growing the audience that we anticipated.

I remembered that Andrea was one of my top choices out of the social media manager pool that I had reached out to and decided to reach out to her. She quickly jumped on board and helped us identify the platforms that we should be most active on based on target audience behavior. Since she joined, we have grown our audience on Instagram and Pinterest significantly! She also has:

  • Reorganized our social media pages and given them a fun, clean and engaging look and feel
  • Undertaken an additional photography role and has done a pretty good job with photographing our products in interesting ways and sharing fresh product images on our social media platforms!
  • Help us with our blog and done a nice job with shortening our longer articles and adding nice graphics
  • Even where a suggestion is out of her scope of engagement, she will still reach out with ideas, suggestions, links or advice

Andrea is knowledgeable, creative, pleasant, energetic, easy to work with and goes the extra mile to take your project to the next level:) Andrea and her team are an asset to have on our team and I’ve really enjoyed working with her!

~ Mumbi Dunjwa, CEO. Naturaz Hair Care

OnlineDrea Client Zoey ShamaiAndrea Jones and her team get a massive Gold Star in managing our Social Channels. Right from the start Andrea studied and mastered the tone of our brand, creating great content and posts that felt like Tonica!

After trying several different Social Media companies, Andrea Jones and her team are by far the best we’ve worked with -which is why we have stuck with them! They are easy to work with, tapped into the online communities we wanted to be connected with, actively interact with users in our product’s demographic and respond quickly to comments and questions left on our different Social channels. I love this service and feel very lucky to have found Andrea and her team!

~Zoey Shamai, CEO. Tonica Kombucha

OnlineDrea Client Teri FisherAndrea has been absolutely incredible! Before I found her I was struggling to find the time to keep up with all of my social media platforms, and I knew I needed some serious help. Enter Andrea! Since finding her, she has been responsible for our social media management (and I say “our” because I consider her an integral member of The Exercise Movement Team). She has exceeded my expectations at every pic, post, tweet, and pin! I have full confidence in her abilities and I know that I can leave the social media in her capable hands. The best part is that this has opened up more time for me to focus on my mission of helping people to be more active, fit, and healthy. Andrea has been instrumental in the success and growth of The Exercise Movement. She rocks!

~ Teri Fisher, MD. FounderTheExerciseMovement.com


OnlineDrea Client Aisha DaleyBefore finding Andrea, I was overwhelmed, and at my wits end when it came to being consistent with my social media posts. Social media has been one of my biggest marketing strategies when it comes to getting clients, so posting consistently is paramount to my continued success. Andrea has not only boosted my client engagement on my social media platform, she has helped me to create quality content that my fans enjoy seeing.

Aside from being a marketing and social media genius, Andrea is super attentive and makes herself available pretty much at anytime for any questions or concerns. She is constantly striving to make my experience as her client an enjoyable one, always willing to listen and make modifications to better my social media content. Super professional, and very personable, I would in a heartbeat recommend her to anyone, as she is honest and genuinely cares about her client and their happiness. Not to sound too cheesy, but she gets an A+ in my book!

~ Aisha Daley, LoveDaleyPhoto.com

OnlineDrea Client Galen UdellWe have been working with Andrea for the past year and she has been a tremendous resource for Bark ’n Yapp.  She was able to take our social media strategy guide and schedule, create and post engaging posts on our corporate Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.  We have seen steady organic growth over the past 12 months and are now beginning to see name recognition and awareness in our served markets based on our social media programs.  We have developed a strong working relations and she is always there to lend a creative hand when required.

~Galen Udell, Founder & Top Dog, Bark ’n Yapp


OnlineDrea Client Brian Michael I wouldn’t have been able to launch our project without Andrea’s work. She was an incredible asset to our team. She was enthusiastic, professional, timely, accessible and collaborative.

We premiered a series of social media shorts for Facebook and Andrea and her team were the boot on the virtual ground for the launch and subsequent audience engagement.

I loved that she quickly understood the message of the project and created expertly tailored content for our page.

Andrea and her team were excellent frontline for our page, particularly with its sensitive content. Her responses were prompt, smart and kept the dialogue going, while honoring the different viewers’ perspectives. I absolutely recommend her for your project!

~ Brian Michael, Visionary.whydoucomply.com

OnlineDrea Client Amanda HyciekIf you’re looking for a seamless handoff of your social media marketing efforts, look no further. Andrea is a dream to work with. After only a quick chat and looking over a general outline of our brand vision, she was able to run with our Facebook page without any additional coaching on voice, tone, topic, or style. I get my weekly reports delivered to my inbox on how the page is performing, and that’s pretty much all the involvement in the social media efforts I have now. Plus, I actually read the content that Andrea and her team posts! They’ve got a keen eye for interesting and engaging material.

For most business owners, the hesitation with handing off a promotional asset is if the job will get done at the same level that you expect from yourself. With Andrea it does. Well, actually, it gets done better. That’s the benefit of hiring an expert. They can take your vision and expand upon it. Andrea gets the concept of adding value.

For these reasons (and the fact that she’s an absolute pleasure to talk with) I would recommend her to any growing business. In fact, I already have. She’s now working with one of my close friends too. Talented. Reliable. Hard working. Creative. It just doesn’t get better than Andrea.

~Amanda Hyciek, Innovator. DrinkInAusa.com

OnlineDrea Client Donna LeeI think you have been doing an excellent job, and I am very happy. The social media accounts are not something I could navigate, and are intimidating to me. I’m impressed with the followers and interaction you have been able to garner with your attention, and interest. Thanks for a job well done!

~ Donna Lee, OwnerNoSacrificeBags.com

OnlineDrea Client Danyale Thomas RossOne of the best business decisions that I made in 2015 was choosing to work with Andrea. I found her services on Elance and her submission to my job posting stood out from the rest. After spending a little time getting to know each other Andrea took over the management of my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, designed and helped to launch my new website and the editing and posting of my blog. Andrea, was able to really capture my business culture and personality and represent my voice well. She was easy to work with, extremely professional, follows guidance, adheres to what it needed, delivers on time and her work always ROCKED!! I highly recommend her services.
~ Danyale Thomas Ross, EntrepreneurDayaleThomasRoss.com 

OnlineDrea Client Elle BenetAndréa’s efforts in marketing and generating article content has increased engagement by more than 20% for my company.  This increase has built a foundation on which the company can utilize to promote products and increase revenue.  Andréa is a major asset and I I look forward to a continued business relationship with her!

~ Elle Benét, Influencer. ElleBenet.comGUlookbook.com


OnlineDrea Client Dani GrayMy partner and I really enjoyed working with Andrea. She was very professional, intelligent, and knew her stuff. She was able to create a nice and clean look for our social media pages and provide engaging content. She was never hard to get in touch with and was able to implement her strategies as well as our own into our social media. I felt confident leaving our social media in her hands and would work with her again in the future.

Dani Gray, Co-Founder. BabyitsOurWorld.Com

It has been seamless and rewarding to work with Andrea with The Brandista Guide’s social media accounts. I highly recommend her services to those looking for a dependable social media partner.

~ Courtney Rhodes, Founder. The Brandista Guide

Andrea and her team did a wonderful job creating engaging, valuable content for Hardball Society’s Twitter and Facebook pages. This served two great purposes for our small team: 1.) Andrea’s team simply did a better job than we would have, given time constraints … 2.) It freed up time for us to go out and work on other important items. I would absolutely hire Andrea’s team again in the future! Thank you!
Phil Mackey, Podcastor. Hardball Society