Are you struggling to find more time to use social media as a tool for your business? I’ve got a few tips today that may help you. In the below video, I share with you my tips for how to maximize your time on social media and get the most value out of it.

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So, how do you maximize your time on social media? Well first of all, we all have 24 hours in a day. There’s really no way to get more time. But, you can use what time you have more wisely – especially when it comes to social media for business.

Scheduling & Organization

Before you start, collect as much content as you can upfront. If you have pictures of your products, behind the scenes photos of your office – or even if you want to create quotes and share them on social media, begin curating and creating things that you can share on social.

After you have collected all of this information, a great way to kind of save your time is to schedule it out. Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, or like Buffer to pre-schedule posts.

Keep in mind that these pre-scheduled posts are going to be your primary content. Things like blog posts, sale announcements, or quotes that you made in Canva are great examples of primary content.

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Daily Consistency

The second way to maximize your time on social media is to do small, daily bits of engagement, instead of a big chunk of engagement all at once.

Spend a few minutes a day networking with your target audience and people who follow you. For instance, if you have an Instagram account, take 5 minutes and comment on 10 pictures in your feed and in a targeted hashtags. It only takes you a few minutes, and if you do it every day, you will see growth in your audience.

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Outsource When Needed

If you have a social media account for your business, you probably understand that being present online is vital in this crazy internet world. You have to be present online, and you can’t post once every 3 months and expect your audience to remain engaged. If you don’t have the time manage your business social media, then outsource it.

But you don’t necessarily have to hire a social media manager or a freelancer for that instance. We are the more affordable option, if I do say so myself. But there are other other things you can do.

You can outsource it to an employee. You can hire an agency if you have a larger business. Or you can have your business partner be in charge of running the Instagram account. Anything that you can to maximize your time helps, so that you can spend it on other aspects of your business, without neglecting the social media part.

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So how do you maximize your time on social media? Leave a comment below and continue the conversation!

If you’re looking for a guideline for how to grow your social media audience, download the below social media check list!


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