• 46 Best (Not-Cheesy) Stock Photo Sites for Your Social Media Posts

    When you think about stock photos, you might imagine generic, boring stock images of people smiling while shaking hands in a conference room, or a woman laughing while eating a salad. That’s the stereotype, right? They range from the boring to the bizarre. In this blog post, we share 46 sites with great-looking, authentic, not-cheesy images that support your brand. 

  • What is the Savvy Social School?

    Let me ask you something… Which do you think is more important: 100 fans who buy what you sell and share with their friends OR 10,000 Instagram followers who occasionally like a picture. I’ll take the 100 engaged fans any day. That’s what a WIN looks like for me. And that’s what I want a […]

  • 8 Common Misconceptions about Content Marketing

    8 Common Misconceptions about Content Marketing

    As a backbone of many online businesses, content marketing has established itself as an industry favorite topic. While many are talking about the beauty of content marketing, some of you may be confused about how this popular buzzword will work for your brand. Simply put, content marketing is creating and maintaining a two-way conversation with your target market. It’s building relationships based on a well-thought-out strategy in which you give free and valuable information to your audience.

  • 8 Ways Local Business Benefits from Email Marketing 

    As someone who’s passionate about the power of marketing tools for small businesses, in today’s post, I’m going to break down some of the reasons you should be capitalizing on the power of email marketing for your business!

    Ready to dive in? Here are some no nonsense, practical reasons why email lists are worth your time.

  • How to Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing on Social Media

    Word of mouth has huge potential for marketing your products, but it can be a difficult science to master. You have to strike a careful balance between encouraging your customers to share your business without coming across as pushy, and all the while doing it with the use of social media for maximum broadcasting effect.

    Need some help? Read on for these top tips on using social media for word of mouth marketing!

  • Why Giving Is a Good Marketing Strategy

    In today’s age of digital marketing, emerging consumer marketing trends can seem cold, revenue-driven, and overly focused on metrics. We target our key demographics, infiltrate social media feeds, and do whatever we can to get our brand in front of consumers who are better than ever at choosing what brands they allow into their lives. […]

  • How to Make Your Business Ready for Geo-Location

    How to Make Your Business Ready for Geo-Location main

    Geolocation is an emerging marketing trend that small businesses can and should take advantage of, especially because it allows you to get in touch with customers near you, making it highly relevant for local businesses. Basically, you want to be the first choice for a potential customer looking for your services, and geolocation lets you […]