In today’s age of digital marketing, emerging consumer marketing trends can seem cold, revenue-driven, and overly focused on metrics. We target our key demographics, infiltrate social media feeds, and do whatever we can to get our brand in front of consumers who are better than ever at choosing what brands they allow into their lives.

The focus on driving ROI, lowering your ad spend, and reaching as many people as you can has sucked the soul out of marketing. That’s not to say that all marketing trends are bad, just that we think it’s important to stress your brand’s “value add” factor.

What are you offering that’s unique? What problem are you trying to solve?

Having a cause and a goal to give back to your customers and your community is an old fashioned but important way you can answer these questions.

Here’s a quick list to stress the value of giving back.

  1. Your customers will love you

A brand that engages deeply with providing value to their customers is the kind of brand that consumers return to.

Know why? They can feel the love. 

Giving back to your consumers and your community and showering them with love and attention is a radically simple way to delight your customers.

  1. It’s an excuse to spoil your customers

If your end goal is to love your customers so much that they won’t want to buy anywhere else, then it’s easy to decide what marketing decisions you make because you only have to answer one question:

Will our customers love this? 

Kangaroo Rewards was founded on the idea that people love to be treated well, and if you have a great customer you should reward them, and we’ve loved seeing the reactions of people who use the app.

  1. When you benefit your community, you benefit your business.

Never lose sight of your community.

Hint: your customers live in your community. A rising tide lifts all boats, so volunteering, sponsoring events, and giving money to charitable causes helps everyone.

Plus, you get that warm fuzzy feeling that brightens your whole day, which in our opinion is nearly priceless.

  1. Free publicity.

Alright, this one is a little less touchy-feely, but giving back is often a way to get nice, organic publicity. Sponsor an event or show up for volunteer events, and at a minimum you’re getting a good excuse for a social media post.

At best, you could even get news coverage!

  1. It makes your employees happier

If you’re the owner your business, you have the advantage of a goal or dream to guide you forward and motivate you.

For your employees, this vision might not be as obvious.

An employee who feels that they’re working for a company with an ethical goal will be happier. No one wants to sell their soul to the devil, and a corporate philosophy based on giving back just feels better for everyone working with you.