Encouraging Engagement on Social Media with Courtney Chaal

Welcome to another episode of the Savvy Social Podcast! Today I’m talking with special guest Courtney Chaal. I love following Courtney on Instagram because she always shares such valuable and engaging content! Check out our conversation and learn easy, tangible ways you can use social media to start increasing your sales traffic.    

In this podcast episode, we discuss:

  • How Courtney got started in the online business space
  • Courtney’s “Yay for Clients” program and the value of signature services
  • How Courtney creates content on social media to build her online community  
  • The importance of keeping your content simple, engaging, and entertaining
  • Why Courtney focuses on questions in her coaching business
  • Courtney’s process for making and using video content on YouTube
  • The differences and benefits between using Instagram and YouTube
  • Courtney’s social strategy and belief surrounding  “playing the game of business”
  • How Courtney uses social media to drive more traffic to her sales funnels
  • The value of being you and engaging with others as a real person

Listen to the episode here:

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About Courtney Chaal:

Courtney Chaal is the founder of The Rule Breaker's Club where she teaches women how to package and sell their brilliance. She’s pretty much the only person who can make writing sales pages fun (hint: it involves rainbows and pots of gold).

Her work has been featured on Inc.com, FastCompany.com, CreativeLive, and the Huffington Post. She’s from Michigan, started her business in Paris, and currently lives in Vancouver, BC with her new husband, Mohammed.

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