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I've been digging the idea of “Get It Done” weeks after doing one for my Everything Page inspired by online business strategist Lizzy Goddard. Participating in that mini-challenge was the boost of “let's do this thing” that I needed to actually… well, do the thing.

So, of course, I wanted to emulate this “let's do this” energy for my members in the Savvy Social School. While we host challenges 2-4 times a year that are pretty hefty and take lots of time, what's beautiful about a Get It Done week is that it's focused on action, not learning. And while learning is great, sometimes what we really need is a boost in action. 🙏🏾

Our very first Get It Done week came off the tail end of our Instagram Bootcamp. And while I encouraged action in the Bootcamp, it was more strategizing than action-taking. So this mini-challenge was all about updating one key component of their Instagram page, the Instagram pinned posts.

P.S. If you're not in the School, we have some templates included in the Instagram Bundle.

So, without further ado, here are the submissions from the Instagram Pinned Post Showcase in the Savvy Social School:


Mallory McGary of Beautifully Blooming

I help moms build a profitable business with motherhood at the center.


ALJ Digital LLC

ALJ Digital LLC is a white-label digital marketing firm that seeks to empower Black-owned marketing agencies to provide social media management as a service through outsourcing.


Lea Appleton of Appleton Coaching

Appleton Coaching is a life and leadership coaching business that supports people in creating the work life they love.


Webly Alfred

I help Service Providers confidently launch their offer, implement the tech and design. All without fear, the sleazy BS, hours watching tutorial videos, technology nightmares or throwing their laptop out the window.



Robin Holland of Robin Holland International

I collaborate and consult with new and existing businesses to create or update their message and grow their brand and impact.



What's Next?

We've got more Get It Done weeks coming up in the Savvy Social School in addition to our regular challenges. If you're looking for an amazing community to support your social media group PLUS hundreds of trainings, thousands of resources, and unlimited strategic guidance, join the Savvy Social School today!