You Don’t Need To Go Viral On Instagram.
You Need To Get Profitable!

Learn the IG Strategies that focus on profitable engagement, NOT empty attention, at the FREE 4-Day Instagram Bootcamp for Founders, Biz Owners, & Content Creators!

The Attention Economy Has Given Founders A False Sense Of Social Media Success!

Refresh your Instagram approach so you can ignore the vanity metrics and focus on what matters: Profitable Engagement.

The Instagram Bootcamp is here to help you abandon what’s not working, rise above the low engagement across the board on IG, and start implementing the strategies that are proven to work for businesses like yours!

If this is you, we know it's easy to feel like giving up on the platform altogether and starting from scratch somewhere else.

But before you throw all that hard work and money down the drain…

If you’re ready to make this a new reality for your business, then it’s time to join the FREE Instagram Bootcamp!

Get your New Instagram Strategy Started when you join the FREE

Instagram Bootcamp Challenge!

From August 21-24, invest 4-days of rewarding work into setting your business up for a major success shift on Instagram!

Here’s Your IG Bootcamp Success Roadmap:
Day 1: Turn Your IG Profile Into A Sales Magnet
Day 2: Create Content Built For Connections
Day 3: Connect with an Audience of Buyers, not Followers
Day 4: Establish Your Revenue-Ready Instagram Sales Funnel

Before you save your challenge seat, if you want to get the most out of your bootcamp experience, here are two special upgrades:

Instagram Bootcamp Challenge Pass

Upgrade Option 1

The Challenge Pass

If you miss a live session or know you can’t make it all but don’t want to miss the opportunity to get the strategies that will help you turn your Instagram experience around, get access to all the Challenge Video replays until August 31!

Instagram Bootcamp All Access Pass

Upgrade Option 2

All Access Pass

This is the package for those founders who are tired of playing it safe and ready to go all-in on Instagram marketing by joining the Savvy Social School at a special discount for IG Bootcamp Attendees Only.

In addition to ongoing access to the Challenge Video replays, you’ll get 

✨ Full Access to Andréa! ✨

Here’s the goodies she has planned for you: 

→ Personalized Instagram Audit!

→ Access to the Pre-Challenge Spark Session! (August 14)

→ Access to a special Instagram Ads Strategy Hour with our Paid Ads Expert, Julie! (August 29)

→ Daily accountability threads, feedback, and live support!

✨ BONUS: ✨

If you sign up for the ALL ACCESS PASS, complete the daily challenges, and stay active in the comments during our live sessions, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win:

→ FREE 1:1 Strategy Session with Andréa!

→ FREE SWAG: Mugs & Social Media Rockstart T-Shirts!

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A: Yes! The Bootcamp is open to social media managers looking to enhance their skills and help their clients get the results that matter on Instagram!

A: The Instagram Bootcamp is a 4-day live virtual training event happening August 21-24, 2023. The live sessions will take place at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (ET). For participants located in the United Kingdom (UK), the live sessions of the Instagram Bootcamp will begin at 3:00 PM local UK time. For participants located in the Pacific Time Zone (PST), the live sessions of the Instagram Bootcamp will start at 8:00 AM local PST time.

A: Yes, we understand that not everyone may be able to attend the live sessions due to time differences or other commitments. All sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be made available to Challenge Pass holders (until August 31, 2023) or All-Access Pass Holders.

A: The Instagram Bootcamp is designed to cater to participants of various skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a presence on Instagram or an experienced user aiming to optimize your strategies, the Bootcamp sessions will offer valuable insights for all.

A: The Bootcamp is hosted on Circle, our brand-new community platform designed to give you a distraction-free learning experience and foster a supportive community environment.

A: Each live session of the Instagram Bootcamp is expected to last approximately 1 hour, including time for presentations, Q&A, and interactive activities.
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