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Helping you scroll less, connect more, and use social media as a tool to grow your business so that you can build a profitable community online.

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Use Social Media as a Tool to Grow Your Business
(Not Take Over Your Life)

No more aimless scrolling or throwing posts at the wall to see what sticks. You're not just looking for likes or followers. You're crafting a community—a place where your brand isn't just seen but felt. You want strategy, not scattergun. You crave connections, not just clicks. And most of all, you desire the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor, without being chained to your phone or laptop.

Wave “bye-bye” to your social media situationship.

You may be feeling like...

Create Content in Hours (Not Weeks)

“I can create the copy for a week — for example, Instagram in an hour. That just blows my mind that I've been able to do that. Before, it took me forever just to do one post.”

— Jen

You’re Not Wrong

Here’s Why These Problems Get Under Your Skin…

While Mr. Al, the Algorithm, has robbed us of so much of what made social media fun back in the day, he has also turned social media into an amazing (and pretty much free) marketing tool for growing your business.

But that’s where the hard part comes in.

How do you know what finicky Mr. Al wants from you in order to reach your target audience? And why does he have to have an alternate personality wherever you go? He’s so frustratingly inconsistent that strategies that work amazingly on one platform, falls completely flat on another. Why does it all have to be so much work?

Somebody make it make sense!

TL;DR: Social media is loud.

What if I told you there was an anti-hustle, simple-to-execute social media strategy?

 A straightforward, no-nonsense strategy that cuts through the chaos and 50-11 social media updates.

Something that's more about smart moves than non-stop hustle.

A game plan that lets you speak your truth, connect authentically, and actually enjoy the ride without playing algorithm roulette.


Your life before the
Savvy Social School:

Your life after the
Savvy Social School:


The Savvy Social School

The online social media learning community where coaches, creatives, strategists, and thought-leaders come to learn together, work together, and grow their businesses together using the amazing advantages of social media marketing.

Here’s What’s Inside

Here’s What You’ll Love Most
About The School

Community - Savvy Social School

The Community

They say you’re the sum of the people you hang out with, and your work as a business leader is no different. So learn and build your biz with a community of like-minded leaders who share a common goal–win using the amazing power of social media on their own terms.


We have video courses and walkthroughs for every platform and strategy you need to start building a winning social media strategy of your own on the social platforms you love most.

Courses - Savvy Social School
The Live Sessions - Savvy Social School

The support Sessions

The self-paced courses are great, but when it’s time to go a level deeper into what it takes to be a business that thrives using social media, our asynchronous sessions with our expert guests are where you will make your greatest impact as a strategist for your business.

Done-For-You Templates

As a member of the School, we do a lot of heavy lifting for you, with plenty of done-for-your templates created by a team of expert strategists and creatives so you can take the guesswork out of creating magnetic content.

Done-for-You Templates - Savvy Social School

Go From This...

Before Savvy Social School


To This...

After Savvy Social School





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