Hi and welcome to episode #7 of the savvy social podcast. Today’s episode is all about FOMO which is the fear of missing out.

FOMO causes great anxiety not just with millennials, but with all generations. We don’t like seeing a pictures from a party they weren’t invited to. We see the potential fun and we want in. So today, I’m talking about how to create some FOMO on your social media accounts.

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1 // You Need Exclusivity  

In order for FOMO to work, you need to have something that not everyone can have. It’s simple really. We all want exclusive access. We all want to be a VIP.

This isn’t just a gimmick either. You need to actually create something that allows people to feel like a member of the club.

You can do this in the form of a rewards program, a loyalty club, or like I do with my Facebook Group. For example, I host live videos every Friday inside of the Facebook Group and they’re only available live for members of the group. So you have to have access to the group in order to reap the rewards of participating in those live trainings.

2 // You Need Emotion

Emotion is a strong motivator for getting someone to opt in to your offer. It’s the real reason why we buy things. I didn’t buy an annoying squeaky toy for my dog because he needed one. I bought it because I knew it would make him so happy to squeak it. It was a purely emotional choice.

I know we like to think of ourselves as entirely rational human beings, but the truth is, we buy because we liked how the store was laid out or the nice salesperson was helpful, or it was a deal that we felt was really good.

Personally, I like to use our natural tendency to buy using our emotions as an opportunity to storytell. Find a way to connect with your audience in a way that will make them feel like they belong. Make them tap into their memories and relate to you in some way. Take them on an emotional journey that makes them want to say “yes!”

3 // You Need a Community

Your FOMO isn’t going to work unless you have a community behind you, backing you up. The more people that can verify that this is indeed an amazing product, service, or offering, the better.

We don’t want to go to a party that’s empty. We want to go to a party that’s poppin! We want to see other people enjoying the party and having a good time.

So make sure your party or your community is filled with supporters who can make your FOMO campaign shine.

One way I love creating a sense of community with my clients is to post reviews of their product, service, or offering. I use Canva to create a graphic that quotes a past client or purchaser and their experiences. It shows that other people have purchased before and enjoyed the outcome.

4 // You Need Scarcity

Scarcity is a huge part of FOMO because it helps your audience understand that this isn’t for everyone. Even if everyone wanted to buy in, they couldn’t because this offering is limited somehow.

Scarcity can also increase the perceived value of the item or service you’re providing because you’re making that thing more precious. Think about the diamond industry. Before the 1940s, people in North America weren’t really wearing diamonds as engagement or wedding rings. In fact, the desire to purchase diamonds was steadily declining. So the diamond company creating an advertising campaign that showcased how rare and scarce the diamonds where. They capitalized on the slogan that “diamonds are forever” which ties back into our emotional part of the FOMO campaign.

The created scarcity by saying that not everyone could have a diamond. Only those who were engaged could proudly wear a diamond ring on their finger. They created demand for a product by limiting who could wear one. It’s a brilliant example of FOMO because think now about how much it’s ingrained in our culture.

5 // You Need Urgency

The idea of urgency isn’t new in the marketing world. You’ve seen it everywhere from limited time offer to only available this weekend to black Friday sales.

Why do marketers use it? Because it works. Plain and simple. If you don’t give your followers, fans, and subscribers a deadline, it makes them lazy. It’s true! We’re all lazy and if there is no deadline, we think “ah, I’ll get to that tomorrow.” And tomorrow never comes.

So in your FOMO campaign, make sure to add urgency by giving a deadline.

FOMO can be a great motivator to get your fans in gear! Just a word of caution, too much FOMO can create a negative reaction. If you’re always, exclusive and scarce and urgency, you could be creating an anxiety filled environment for your followers. Balance out the FOMO with some inclusive and evergreen content.