You hear a lot about the power of content marketing to attract your target audience and build your authority — but what if you’re not a natural writer?

I’m with you! Sitting down to write a blog post was like pulling teeth for me. Podcasting changed EVERYTHING for my business (THIS podcast is on Apple’s list of top-100-rated marketing podcasts, y’all!).

But starting a podcast is just the first step. The next? Getting ears on it! Join us in this episode as Hello Podcast Media Founder Brittany Rincon reveals her top tips for marketing your podcast on social media.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Brittany's passion-led journey from podcaster to founder of a boutique agency offering podcast launch and management services
  • How to use social media to market your podcast (hint: plan ahead!)
  • Her “bucket” approach to managing social media as a service-based business owner
  • Why her strategy for Instagram Posts is different from Stories
  • 5 types of Stories she posts (that you can take inspiration from right now!)
  • Can you guess which social platform Brittany got the majority of her clients from?
  • Her tips, tools, and tricks for making sure her time is well spent using social media as a tool to grow her business
  • What to do to avoid getting sucked into scrolling social media for hours
  • TikTok 101 ➡️ where to get it now!
  • My prediction for the role your captions could play in getting found on social media soon
  • Interested in using a private podcast as your next lead magnet? Listen now for Brittany's 🎉 FREE training 🎉

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I love the process. I love learning about podcasting, and I love helping everyone feel like it's accessible and it's manageable for them because it's such an amazing platform. And I just feel like we form such amazing human connections when we hear people's voices versus just looking at stagnant text in the blog. So it's just been a lot of fun for me to learn something new and reach more people.” — Brittany Rincon
  • “The planning of all of your marketing should be that holistic. The podcast isn’t a separate entity. It's just one arm of your marketing.” — Andréa Jones
  • “I have found that when I look at social media from a social way to promote my business, it no longer seems as scary as it used to. And I'm a lot more open. And I would say probably Stories is the way that I dipped my toe into becoming more open on social media.” — Brittany Rincon
  • “Our clients like working with us ‘cuz we're humans too. And especially something that they're regularly gonna be working with us on for months and years at a time, they wanna know the human behind the service that they're receiving.” — Andréa Jones
  • “People go there for such a specific topic. It's such a great way to connect with people. And even today, 2022, still a great way to show up as an expert and build those connections that we need.” — Andréa Jones
  • “Really for me as a service-based business, I'm looking at where my client's are coming from… I'm starting out there as opposed to how many people are then coming through the door. If that makes sense. My conversion there is definitely, I wanna say money well spent, but it's really time well spent.” — Brittany Rincon
  • “I think that's definitely something that I have my eye on in 2022 as a business owner, something that I wanna definitely dip my toe into this year to grow my business. And I love being behind the scenes and helping other entrepreneurs think about their podcast in new ways for them.” — Brittany Rincon

About the Guest:

Brittany Rincon is a boy mom to 3, lover of a strong cafe con leché, and a podcast strategist. She founded Hello Podcast Media, a podcast launch + management boutique agency that helps women entrepreneurs, especially women of color, use the power of audio to align their podcast to their content marketing and streamline their podcast content creation processes.

After nearly a decade in the classroom and a doctorate degree in education, Brittany started a podcast to share her own experiences with other educators. What started as a passion project quickly turned into something larger with a growing audience, signing on with a popular podcast network for educators, and countless people asking, “How did you do that?!”

As an educator at heart, Brittany started helping others launch their own podcasts in order to make a larger impact on their communities. In less than a year, Brittany had helped bring to life over 25 new podcasts and knew she had created something worth developing.

She founded Hello Podcast Media in order to help women, especially women of color, use their voices as the center of their marketing strategies by providing launch support, podcast monthly management, and private podcast creation. Hello Podcast Media is a full-service podcast management company providing women with analytics, podcast content development, and so much more to make their podcast dreams a reality.


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