Are you still afraid to show yourself online? It’s hard to be a personal brand when you’re still struggling with showing the personal part, so what can you do about it?

With more emphasis on being more authentic and connecting, plus the push for more video based content, entrepreneurs are having to come face to face with their fear of having their imperfections on display for the virtual world to see.

Cara Rice knows exactly what it’s like to be stuck hiding behind a “business guise” and showing up online in an authentic and often vulnerable way, and she’s sharing with us how she overcame the fear of showing up online, and how you can too.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about:

  • The role of video in social media marketing
  • How do you overcome the fear of sharing your story and being vulnerable
  • How your imperfection can actually help your audience
  • What to work on instead of trying to get rid of fear
  • Plus the most common limiting belief that Cara sees and when it most often shows up

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “So that was the first step for me, deciding I was good enough to put my name and face out there and actually own it.”
  • “It was really just about owning my brand and declaring that I was good enough to be a brand”
  • “The beautiful thing about social media is that no one is expecting it to be perfect anymore.”
  • “It’s okay to not have it all together.”
  • “There’s probably so many teaching moments that you’re leaving on the table out of fear that you’re going to be judged for sharing it.”

About the Guest:

Cara Rice is a Business Coach, a Certified Trainer of NLP and the founder of the Mind Surgery Method™ NLP Practitioner training for coaches.

She's gone from selling $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with her!) to sustaining a fully-booked 6-figure coaching business for over 5 years now, helping early-stage coaches overcome their visibility fears and master the mindset, habits & coaching skills to create a sustainable six figure business online.

Her clients are health, life, relationship and business coaches across the globe. She's also helped real estate coaches, brand strategists, photographers (and even a few stylists!) build a coaching arm to their businesses, too.

From getting on video for the first time, launching their signature programs, signing their very first paying clients to creating $5K, $10K and even $35K+ months — nothing makes her happier than to support someone to work alongside their fear and fully step into their next level of income and impact as a coach. (And transform their own life in the process.)

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