For better or worse, social media influencers are a thing and could very well increase your ROI. But how?

Nick Cooke joins me to explain just what influencer marketing means for businesses, the value of finding impactful influencers, questions to ask influencer marketing agencies, The Goat Agency’s unique marketing strategy, and how LinkedIn helped expand their brand to what it is today!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How Nick got started with his agency working with influencers
  • The growth Nick experienced after leaving Sportlobster for The Goat Agency
  • Tips for businesses wanting to work with influencers
  • The power of knowing and analyzing numbers in influencer marketing
  • How the paid/social combination with an influencer ad works
  • Questions to ask an agency before hiring them to boost your brand
  • What inspired The Goat to try daily vlogging on LinkedIn
  • What’s next for The Goat Agency and where influencer marketing is headed for 2020

Listen to the episode here:

Meet Nick Cooke

Nick joined Sportlobster on launch and quickly built a marketing team of 17. Nick, along with two colleagues took their learnings and created Goat. Since founding the agency in 2015 alongside Arron Shepherd and Harry Hugo, the company has grown from 3 to over 120 staff, opened 4 international offices and is working with everyone from start-up companies to global brands.

Nick is now heading up the New York office, working closely with top brands and expanding the business into the US market. Goat has been in New York since mid 2018 and is rapidly growing, working with brands including Nivea, Absolut and ClassPass.

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