In the past, marketing consisted of TV ads, radio ads, and ads in newspapers, and long wait times to know the impact of those ads. In 2019, advertising has completely shifted from communicating through one-way ads to two-way conversations. Social media really allows customers to not only connect with businesses but to connect with other customers as well. It’s important to know how social media engagement really affects your bottom line so you can leverage your platforms as much as possible!       

In this podcast episode, I share…

  • 4 Ways social media engagement affects your bottom line:
    • Offers your business proof of authority
    • Expands your visibility and word of mouth marketing
    • Increases the loyalty of your community and builds trust
    • Allows you to do quick “pulse checks” and test ads, products, etc.
  • 4 Ways to increase your social media engagement:
    • Share quality content
    • Ask for engagement
    • Engage with others FIRST
    • Have fun!

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