Pouring more and more money into Facebook ads but not seeing the same returns you used to? You’re not alone. But you’re not stuck either…

Because there’s massive potential for success on another (NEWER) platform:

TikTok! Y’all know I’m obsessed. And so is the world, which means there’s a huge audience for your offer there. The best part? I’ll let TikTok ads pro Will Perry tell you in this episode.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The BIG change that disrupted Facebook advertising (& shifted Will's focus to TikTok more)
  • Why being proactive and prepared is so critical to social advertisers
  • TikTok's other MAJOR advantage over Facebook
  • Attention online course creators! Here's why you should consider TikTok advertising
  • 3 specific TikTok trends to follow NOW
  • Will's warning about using branded content across all the social platforms
  • Sales funnels — does what works on Facebook convert on TikTok too?
  • What are “spark ads” and how can they guide your TikTok creative strategy?
  • #1 thing new brands should establish before investing in TikTok ads
  • Which platform Will leverages the most for advertising his agency (hint: the answer might surprise you!)
  • His predictions for the future of TikTok advertising
  • TikTok ad compliance 101 (is the platform stricter than Facebook?)
  • Bonus! Where you can learn to up your TikTok advertising game

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “The big thing with TikTok right now is that competition is so minimal. And I'll sort of leave that as like the nugget that we can start to build off of — but that's really the competitive advantage that a lot of brands can have right now advertising on the platform.” — Will Perry
  • “Are we also seeing people take action on TikTok? ‘Cuz it doesn't really seem like an action taking platform. When you think about Facebook, people are used to clicking around. TikTok is more like scrolling and consuming.” — Andréa Jones
  • “Return on ad spend is calculated by four data points: CPM, CPC, conversion rate, and average order value. And so if we can overcome that first obstacle to return on ad spend right out of the gate, which is CPM, we have such a better opportunity as advertisers to get an ROI from our ads.” — Will Perry
  • “What I love about TikTok is that there's this built-in discovery piece that I think translates really well into ads and ad creative… And you almost have to know the TikTok culture to have ads that fit in with the rest of what's happening on TikTok.” — Andréa Jones
  • “If you're wanting to test out TikToks, absolutely follow the trends… You wanna be following these compelling trends because if anything, right now, as an advertiser, we're seeing TikTok set the tone — the next wave of advertising where we're using that model on Facebook, and really in a lot of ways on Instagram.” — Will Perry
  • “When you really understand how to work with creators… to develop engaging content first instead of ads, then you will have success on TikTok.” — Will Perry
  • “We got really comfortable with Facebook ads. There's like a formula to it, and people are starting to tune it out just like they fast forward through commercials. So we're coming back to this idea of creating content that's creative first and just using ads as a way to amplify it — to get it in front of more people.” — Andréa Jones
  • “On the organic side, TikTok is changing everything. We're creating TikToks and putting them on other platforms. So it really is shifting how we approach these platforms.” — Andréa Jones
  • “That's kind of where I see TikTok right now. There's so much leverage when you can combine the paid and the organic together because the virality of these videos on TikTok is just insane.” — Will Perry
  • “It's a little bit of the wild, wild west right now, in that we don't know exactly what works on the organic side. But we do know producing a lot of engaging content works, and we see videos go viral all the time because of that.” — Andréa Jones
  • “I always tell people that too ‘cuz I test my own stuff way more than I would do with a client… Don't try to copy what I'm doing because I'm a testing ground for sure.” — Andréa Jones

About the Guest:

Will Perry is the CEO+CMO of REASON Agency, an eCommerce growth consultancy. He is dedicated to accelerating growth for eCommerce businesses through 13 years of experience and REASON’s unique and unequaled optimization strategies.


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