Systems and processes aren’t sexy, but when implemented the RIGHT way, they can completely transform your business.

But with so many system and productivity-focused programs and technology to pick from, choosing the right systems for your business can become nothing more than a time (and money) grabbing distraction.

According to Audrey Kwan, founder of AJK Consulting, this doesn’t have to be your reality.

In today’s episode she is going to help your relationship with systems and processes go from a time & money suck to becoming the #1 reason your business breaks through your revenue ceiling this year.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The #1 reason business owners avoid systems & processes and how you can overcome
  • The 5 Categories of Systems (You need to write these down!)
  • Audrey’s One System-One Service approach to scaling your agency
  • The Cure to helping businesses worry LESS about revenue
  • The 80-20 Rule of Art & Craft
  • How to share your unique genius with your team
  • Why it’s important to develop a team of thinkers not doers
  • Using Audrey’s Mighty Pod Model to grow your team and scale your business
  • A Work-Hard-Once approach to social media content creation
  • How vulnerability became Audrey’s LinkedIn Superpower
  • Why Authentic Storytelling is overshadowing How-To content on social media
  • Using your Marketing Scorecard to track your authentic relationships

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “Courage to go full time in my business was inspired by my mom passing. She was diagnosed with cancer and passed away three weeks after that. And it changed my perspective on life. I wanted more control of time, but I also didn't want to be 65 and looking back and feeling like I didn't reach my highest potential.” — Audrey Kwan
  • “Every four years, my business has gone through this evolution, but one thing has been constant for us. And that's the power of systems and processes.” — Audrey Kwan
  • If you think of it like renovating a house, you wouldn't wake up one day and say, Hey, I'm going to do it all, every single room in one week. You're going to pick a specific room to start. And if you want to get out of that overwhelm for systems and processes, the same is true. How you approach it is about perspective. And my perspective is one service, one system at a time.” — Audrey Kwan
  • “If you run an agency, you're going to have a multiple number of services that you offer. So just choose one service that you offer, pick one system, and that's where you start. That eliminates overwhelm.” — Audrey Kwan
  • “I do think sometimes as business owners, we wanna fix everything like yesterday. And if we just break it down, one thing at a time, one step at a time, I think that's so helpful.” — Andréa Jones
  • “I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the 80-20 principle…It applies here too. It's 20% of the work that creates 80% of the results. 20% of the processes inside service delivery can help support 80% of the results.” — Audrey Kwan
  • “We are a huge fan of working hard once on that piece of content and then maximizing it for social media.” — Andréa Jones
  • “I'm focusing on LinkedIn this year… I just love the nature of the conversations there and growing my audience is having more thoughtful conversations in my DM over LinkedIn. That's what matters to me. It really isn't about looking at how many LinkedIn followers I have…but what I have found is that there's a huge space on LinkedIn for being vulnerable. And the content that I put out there that is vulnerable is the one that gets the most response. And so this year I'm really committing to being more vulnerable on LinkedIn to connect to people in a very authentic way.” — Audrey Kwan
  • I think it's just a shift of social media in that there isn't this need to be all things to all people or even to be perfectly polished. It's to show up as a real person and have real connection and real conversations.” — Andréa Jones

About the Guest:

Processes and systems don’t exactly rev most people’s engines. But Audrey Kwan is not most people.

She has witnessed the transformative power of processes and systems again and again and for 20 years, she has been streamlining processes to make agencies, teams and projects run more efficiently and effortlessly.

Audrey has worked in agencies supporting clients like Proctor & Gamble and Pepsi, and she has worked client-side in corporations before starting her own business. She has scaled teams to multiple six and seven figures, and in 2021, supported an agency owner to sell and exit his business.

Audrey hosts the Small But Mighty Agency Podcast to help micro agencies navigate sustainable growth and scale their service delivery to multiple six-figures with a small but mighty team. It’s inevitable: When leaders know how to streamline processes and communicate with their people, they set their businesses up for success.


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