Social media can be a game-changer for your business, especially if you understand how to build relationships with the right messaging. Maggie Frank-Hsu shares the power of using simple DMs and how email marketing relates to social media by creating those crucial connections with clients!    

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • Maggie’s journey into the world of email marketing 
  • How Maggie uses social media to build relationships with clients
  • Why Maggie only uses DMs to develop connections vs. sales pitches 
  • Maggie’s posting strategy and the types of content she shares 
  • The importance of understanding your audience to build relationships
  • Maggie’s advice for creating stories based on your brand and personality 
  • How Maggie handles privacy issues and what she shares about her kids   
  • How social media and email marketing work together for lead generations
  • How Maggie helps clients leverage email marketing      

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “My content strategy is ‘I have to tell people about this! They’re going to love it!’” 
  • “Document. Don’t create.” 
  • “Simple works. I’m a huge advocate of doing what you can and spending time where it makes sense.” 
  • “I wish more people would have more conversations and post less. The power is in conversations.”
  • “I want to be knowable but not vulnerable.”
  • “Social media is the beginning of the relationship and email marketing takes it a step further.” 

About Maggie Frank-Hsu

I'm passionate about helping moms who are business owners rediscover their identities separate from their children. My clients hire me when they are ready to give themselves permission to create a revenue stream in their business that is not a straight “dollars-for-hours” trade. I have spent my entire career working to seize audience’s attention and move them to action via the written word.I went to the Columbia School of Journalism and worked for a few glossy magazines in New York before transitioning to marketing. I founded my business in Oct. 2015.

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