Ever notice a dip in your social media numbers? Or wonder why you have less likes and less comments than you’re used to receiving? Today I share some tools to help understand your social media data along with creative ways to reignite your social media audience!  

In this podcast episode, I share: 

  • Why you should look at and be able to understand your social media numbers
  • The importance of being able to view your numbers retroactively 
  • The impact of Instagram stories, videos, and giveaways 
  • Why you should analyze your messaging and make sure it matches your audience
  • Why the images you’re using for your messaging may need updating 
  • Why you should consider posting something risky or somewhat controversial
  • The power of flipping the script and starting conversations with open-ended questions     

Listen to the episode here:

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “You have to KNOW your numbers.”
  • “Analyze your WHY: Think about why people are attracted to your message, to your brand, to what you do.” 
  • “Are you speaking the language of your audience or are you just talking to yourself?”  
  • “If you can post something that stirs the pot—something a little controversial—it really works well for reigniting your social media audience.” 
  • “Remember we’re trying to be SOCIAL on social media!” 

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