Just because your business uses social media to connect with clients, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a business only in it for the money.

Maggie Patterson understands the power of building real relationships through social media and walks us through how her rebellious nature became the foundation of her personal brand, her approach to Instagram, how speaking her mind has impacted her social media growth, and advice for being yourself in your business!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • Why Maggie’s personal life philosophy mirrors her approach to business
  • Maggie’s reason for choosing Instagram as her go-to social media platform
  • Common practices social media has normalized even though they’re not best practices
  • Suggestions for having clear, transparent, and BS-free marketing
  • The benefits of a no-BS business approach
  • Maggie’s experience with Instagram Reels and content strategy for Instagram Stories

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I created this brand and I know there’s room for my voice in the market.”
  • “A count-down timer…is not necessary when you do your marketing in a way that’s ethical, and thoughtful and builds real relationships.”
  • “Observing what’s happening in real-time for you and your audience or a trend you’re seeing, and then pulling in past content can really save you a lot of time.”
  • “I just want people to get paid. And do it in a way that’s ethical and we can all go to bed and sleep at night and feel good about what we’re doing in the world!”

About Maggie:

Maggie Patterson is the editorial director at Scoop Studios and the creator of Small Business Boss. With two decades of experience, Maggie has spent her entire career in client services and has been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years. Today, she works with consultants, creatives and agency owners to help them implement smart strategies for business growth using proven marketing, sales, and client experience tactics. She’s the host of the BS-Free Service Business podcast, has been on stage at events such as New Media Expo, Podcast Movement, and the Conquer Summit, and her work has been featured in leading publications such as Entrepreneur.com, Fast Company, and Virgin.com.

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