Ever wonder how to grow and maintain a buzzing online community? Building a Facebook group is a super easy way to do that. I know that I adore the Facebook group community that I’ve built up in the past year which is why I was super excited to chat with Eden Fried. Eden manages a group of over 15K people. That’s a lot of people!

Listen in to today’s episode for:

  • How Eden launched her Facebook group
  • How she grew it to 15K members
  • What managing that group is like on a daily basis (and how that’s changed as the group grows)
  • The importance of using live video as part of her growth strategy

… and more!

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About Eden: Eden Fried is a business coach and blogging mentor who helps aspiring entrepreneurs turn their passions into a legitimate paycheck by creating and selling digital products, like ebooks and courses, online. Back in 2016, Eden was trapped in a day job she didn't love and was about a minute away from dropping a quarter million dollars on law school when she decided to ditch it all and start a blog instead. Since then, she's built a full time business that she and her husband live off of by creating and selling digital products. When Eden's not at work helping entrepreneurs build their passive income empire with products, Eden can either be found at the gym, throwing around some moderately heavy-ish weights, or watching Harry Potter for the millionth time. You can check Eden out at EdenFried.com, BreadandButterBlogging.com or on her podcast Rebel Boss Ladies!

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