Most new social media managers find clients on job marketplaces. But if you don’t have hours to burn competing for contracts…

…try a paid course. That’s where I’ve found some of my best clients — clients who can afford my services. My secret to standing out? You’re gonna laugh! My husband loves to tease me about this: I’m the star student, the one who reads the whole book AND takes notes before writing my report. I show up. Get seen. And heard (including when I talk about my business!).

Try it! And listen to this week’s episode for the 4 other places to find your perfect-fit clients.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • Where your DREAM clients are hiding
  • Tips for whatever stage of your growth journey you're in right now: newbie, mid-size freelancer, or veteran entrepreneur
  • The 411 on Fiverr and Upwork for finding new clients
  • What to do if you're struggling competing in a saturated market (with many lower-priced competitors)
  • How you can hone your other skillset: managing clients
  • Referral partners: Who are they? And why do you NEED them?
  • Why you don't need tons of clients, just a solid group of GOOD clients
  • Should you use social media marketing to get clients?
  • How you could have me sending you leads as early as NEXT fall

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I got a client at around $1500 a month, and I kept them for a year. They gave me a great testimonial. I still have a great relationship with that client…They sent referrals and more business and all of that. So I know they get a bad rap, but I suggest those two places.”
  • “From the way we package our services and I talk about the work we do, it's very clear I'm not the lowest price — but the price worth the service we're delivering. And honestly, there's a segment of clients who wanna work with people from the U.S. and Canada. Use that to your advantage.”
  • “You’ve gotta have that in place in order to serve your dream clients. If a dream client walked in the door, and you haven't practiced that, you're probably gonna mess it up. Okay. So practice, practice, practice.”
  • “It's a much slower burn than Fiverr or Upwork. But if you're new, that can really help you leverage your network.”
  • “Sometimes using social media isn't the best way to find our clients because they need us because they're not on social media. They're overwhelmed by social media. So I find THIS to work really well.”
  • “I listed my business there and actually got some really nice traction on my listing but also connected with the site owners and ended up partnering with them on a few things. You never know who's watching, right?”
  • “My business is almost all referrals. This is a play on delivering a great service. I don't know how else to say it, but my clients come to me now because my other clients talked about me to them. The clients know each other. I cannot emphasize this enough, but you've gotta deliver an amazing service so that you can get more clients.”
  • “That really works to your advantage when you're at that stage of business. That's the best way to keep the clients flowing in. And honestly, when you reduce your client churn, you don't need to have that many clients. We have about 20 clients on our roster at any given point. That's our max; that's where I'm comfortable right now with the business. I'm not looking to grow that anymore.”
  • “Once you have this established basic business, you have these people who are following your newsletter, you're on their dream list — this is the whole goal: you're on their dream list and they wanna work with you.”

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