Catch-all social media marketing tactics, tips, and tricks aren’t your cup of tea?

Maybe you need a new approach. An approach that is less one-size-fits-all and more allows-you-to-do-what-directly-aligns with your strengths, values, and vision.

My guest Erika Tebbens, the founder of Erika Tebbens Consulting, believes it’s time for marketers to stop feeling pressured to do what is supposed to work and do what works best for them.

Listen in as she delivers the goods on what happens when marketers are able to tap into their own uniqueness, have authentic conversations, and not feel so sleazy when making the hard sell.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Erika’s “AHA” moment that helped shape her business
  • The Mindset Shift helping introverts boldly sell their services
  • The Spray & Pray Marketing Method (and why it doesn’t work)
  • What you should do every 6 months to realign with your target audience
  • Why Erika calls Instagram a Backyard Summer Barbecue
  • What it means to show up like a human being on Social Media
  • How a move from New York to Michigan changed her posting strategy
  • Developing Social Media boundaries
  • Erika’s No Sleaze Sales Method

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I was realizing that the thing that I kept hearing over and over was…I don't know how to sell. I'm afraid to sound sleazy or like an infomercial…I don't wanna be pushy. I was hearing all of that and I was like, wait a minute. Why don't I struggle with this? And I realized…because I am looking at it in this totally different way than a lot of other people do, especially women entrepreneurs ” — Erika Tebbens
  • “I think if we can start with the realization that as consumers, we actually don't hate spending money, as long as it feels very aligned, right? As long as we're getting something that we want, we feel like our purchase was respected. We feel seen and heard. We actually love spending money with people and companies that we feel good spending money with. So if that's true for us in terms of other people, then it can be true for us in terms of people feeling that way about spending money with us.” — Erika Tebbens
  • “If we use our copy, our content, our marketing, all of that to really think about specific people who would be a best fit, then it's actually not unaligned. So, then we're really just speaking to the people who can benefit the most and asking them, do you want to learn more about this way that I could help you solve X, Y, Z problem.” — Erika Tebbens
  • “If I want to keep having this be an offer that I have in my business, I need to really hone in on my marketing. I need to very clearly speak more to the people who have those other facets in place that really set them up for that ultimate success or that quantum leap.” — Erika Tebbens
  • “Who are some of those people that if I could clone them and work with them again and again? That would just be the dream. What are some of their other characteristics? And also, what are my values, and who appears to be in line with my values? And usually, it's, like when we have friends, oftentimes…our friends are similar to us. That's why they're our friends. We have those shared values.” — Erika Tebbens
  • “Some of my best friends are people that I've met on Instagram and now they are actual friends. Some I've met in person. Some I have yet to meet in person and not all of them have become clients, either. Some are referral partners, some are collaborators, some are just people who are fun to chat with. I can honestly say that I have found phenomenal relationships on Instagram by actually treating it as a means to be social and meet new people and not just to close a lot of sales.” — Erika Tebbens
  • “100% agree. I found my podcast editor on Instagram, my mastermind group, we met on Instagram and we've been meeting for four years now. There's so much power in just connecting with people, and being a human…just show up like a freaking human.” — Andréa Jones
  • “You get to design and choose how you wanna show up, right? This is such a great example of making your workflow work with your day. I'm the opposite. I need a chunk of time. I need to block it off or else it's never gonna happen.” — Andréa Jones
  • “Think about how you can show up because if you're gonna dedicate yourself to social media, it is a daily or regular habit at the very least. And it's not something where you can just check in, you know, once every three months…doesn't really quite work that way.” — Andréa Jones

About the Guest:

Erika Tebbens is a Sales Strategist for rebels who reject the status quo and desire success, but aren't willing to compromise who they are to get there.

She works with service-providers, consultants, and coaches to create custom growth plans that avoid complex systems, sleazy sales tactics, or battling burnout.

With nearly 20 years of experience running successful businesses, from solo operations to multimillion dollar retail teams, she knows there's no one “perfect” way to operate –– only one that’s perfectly aligned with your strengths, values, and vision.

She also hosts the weekly Sell it, Sister! Podcast where she dishes out b.s.-free business advice.


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