Life Coaches Give Me Life!

My life coach has had such an amazing impact on my life personally and professionally, so I love, love, love, that my agency has the opportunity to help an incredible group of life coaches and business coaches grow their online presence, especially on social media.

In your life coaching business, I want you to show up and shine on social too!

But how?

How do you authentically show up on social media, grow your following, and NOT get lost in the sea of coaches competing for attention?

I hear this question all the time and on today’s episode I have the answer. So listen in.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • Why Life Coaching ISN’T oversaturated
  • The reason why NOW is such a great time to be a Life Coach
  • The 3 C’s to successfully marketing your Life Coaching Business
  • The 1 step you CAN NOT SKIP if you want to succeed on social media
  • The Savvy Social Messaging Matrix
  • The REAL reason why Video Is King

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I love working with coaches because they provide such powerful transformations for their audience. I'm a huge fan of coaching myself. I have always had a life coach since I started my business and it has been amazing for me personally. I have had several business coaches and mentors over the years that have really helped me propel my business to where it is today.” — Andréa Jones
  • “We see people showcasing their lives and talking about their food and showing off their vacation…all of that can work but you have to marry it with a marketing message that helps convert people into your business, right? We're running a business here. We're not just showing up on social media for fun and hanging out.” — Andréa Jones
  • “The transformation you help them achieve…has to show up in a way that's true and authentic to you and how you bring that into the world.” — Andréa Jones
  • “The marketing messaging matrix is your difference, your values and your delivery system. And once you understand those three things, you're able to show up so beautifully on social media.” — Andréa Jones
  • “99% of the time it's internal work that needs to be uncovered to figure out what the actual underlying challenge is, so that you can now work on a solution towards feeling more fulfilled and satisfied in your life. That's a very specific marketing message that's going to resonate with the right person. ” — Andréa Jones
  • “Video is king. We have rapidly increased the amount of video that we are producing for our clients, because it works. We see the highest reach, the highest engagement, the highest conversion from video.” — Andréa Jones
  • “Newsletters on LinkedIn are actually outperforming video in a lot of cases. So when we think about the placement, that also matters.” — Andréa Jones
  • “They're showing personality, but they're not showing their personal life. So even as a personal brand, you're not focused on you as a coach, you're focused on your clients and the message. And you can use you as a vehicle receptacle for that message, but it's not necessarily focused on you. — Andréa Jones
  • “If you don't have a community, then I don't know what your social media's for.” — Andréa Jones

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