From building your brand to growing a community, Shayla Perry understands how to use social media to provide real value for others. Rather than getting overwhelmed with posting and having the perfect feed, she shares tips for how to define your brand, how you can create value, and the best ways to showcase your community and so much more!  

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • How and why Shayla became an entrepreneur 
  • Why Shayla started #BlackGrlBoss 
  • How Shayla differentiated her brand by focusing on relatable content 
  • How virtual events helped grow the #BlackGrlBoss online community  
  • The importance of providing authentic value for your clients and community 
  • Shayla’s current social media strategy and how it’s changed over time 
  • Why passion and consistency are key to building a community   

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes: 

  • “My philosophy is that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.” 
  • “Define your brand before someone else defines it for you.” 
  • “It’s so much more important to actually deliver something of value to your community rather than saying ‘Okay, it’s big now, let’s charge for them to be here.”     
  • “Stay authentic to what it is you’re trying to do and what it is you’re trying to provide for your community.” 
  • “I realized what was missing for me was the people. It was the community and the sisterhood.”  

About Shayla Perry: 

An entrepreneur for more than 15 years, Shayla Perry's foray into the business world began as a freelance copywriter and editor. During that time, she contributed to a number of prominent sites, like SheKnows and MadameNoire, and was very instrumental in the launch of their then sister site, MommyNoire. Later, Perry was subcontracted to serve as the Sr. Copywriter for Liqui-Site Designs — an award-winning graphic design firm that was regularly recognized with Forbes Magazine's Enterprise Award. At Liqui-Site, Shayla was able to work with a number of large brands like Mercedes, Penguin RandomHouse, and The American Lung Association; providing more than copy, but insight on various aspects of their companies. 

Eventually, she would go on to found her own Marketing company, where her team worked with businesses all over the world, varying in both size and industry, helping them to build and strengthen their brands. In 2018, Perry began #BlackGrlBoss as a means to provide education, resources, and support to minority female business owners around the globe. She is also a Mental Health advocate, speaking on her personal experiences, as well as the topics of Branding and Women's Empowerment.

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Aug 10 @ 1pm

How to Attract and Convert Your Ideal Clients & Customers on Instagram

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