small business

  • A Few Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Business

    Being a business owner is not for everyone: it is challenging, there is a lack of certainty, it can be very hard financially, and it will take a lot of work. It’s definitely NOT a walk in the park. If you’re considering starting your own business, here are a few pointers that could help you in those beginning stages.

  • 4 Things To Consider When Constructing Your Business Plan

    Want to know what was missing in my original plan? I had no defined measure of success. I had a general idea of what success looked like to me, but it goes beyond piña coladas on the beach and massive shopping trips. Success is something concrete, something you can look at and say, “Yes, I am successful.” Without further ado, here are 4 things I learned that I want to share with you for how to construct your business plan, and in turn define what success means to you.