Pinterest can very much be a solo sharing experience. You can create your own boards and share content while enjoying other's boards. As a business, it's also a great idea to get your fans and followers involved by allowing them to collaborate and contribute to your Pinterest boards. Today, I'm going to share how to create a group board on Pinterest; but first, let's take a peek at why a group collaborative board on Pinterest is important.

How to Set Up a Pinterest Group Board

Why a Group Board?

Pinterest group boards, also called collaborative and community boards, bring more visibility to your Pinterest accounts and your pins. Here are just a few ways adding a group board to your Pinterest page can benefit your brand or project

  • Make Fans & Customers Feel Special
  • An Accumulation of Shareable Content
  • Planning a Project
  • Collaborating on Special Interests
  • Getting Candid Feedback from Your Followers

Creating a Group Board

Creating a group board on Pinterest starts off much like creating a regular board. Select the “Create A Board” option located on your Pinterest profile page. From there, continue as you would with in a normal Pinterest board by adding the board's name, description, and category. When you get to the bottom of this window, you'll notice the option to add other pinners to the board! Simply begin typing their name, and their account should pop up. Alternatively, you can locate a Pinterest user by their email address, which I find to be the most accurate method of adding Pinterest board contributors.

Say you've already created a board and you wish that board to now become a community board. No problem! Simply go to the board's page and begin adding pinners in the upper left hand corner of your window.

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As the creator of the board, you are forever the owner and have full control over its settings. Remember, any board, public or private, can be made into a group board simply by inviting other pinners.

Decided Who to Invite

While group boards can be a great opportunity to collaborate with others, there are some who will take advantage of your board and “spam” or promote their own products. Neither you nor your fans will appreciate such conduct, so select and monitor those you add to your board carefully.

Make it easy for contributors to join your board by posting clear instructions in the description. You can use up to 500 characters in the board description to let people know exactly how to contact you and how to join the board. If you already have a group board, it's easy to click “edit” to change or update the contact information on your group board.

Contribute To Pinterest Group Board


Note: Some people don't want to be added to a group board, which is fine. When in doubt, always ask first before inviting them!

Adding Pins

There you have it! An easy and simple way to create a group board on Pinterest. I suggest adding a few pins first before adding other pinners as a way to set the tone for your board. It's also easier to follow a board that already has a few pins posted as a guideline.

Make sure you keep up with your board and don't let the pinning get stagnant! Grasp the opportunity to create a community amongst your followers. Hey, who knows, perhaps one day you'll make it to the top group boards page on Pinterest!

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Promoting Your Business On Pinterest

If you're not sure where to begin with Pinterest marketing, I wrote this pretty awesome article a few months back. In it, I give some of my hard-earned Pinterest advice on

  • Where To Start
  • Why Design Matters
  • What Are The Technical Details
  • How To Be Engaging

I hope this article helps give you a bit more insight on how Pinterest works. Stay awesome!