A great way to promote your blog or website is to share links with like-minded individuals through the comment section of their blogs. Of course, you can simply post a link to your page without it being hyperlinked. In some cases, blogs will automatically convert that link into a hyperlink for you.

Instead of gambling on that chance, why not embed a hyperlink directly in that blog comment in a more subtle and creative way? I'm going to show you how I promote my blog through posting hyperlinks in Disqus comments to promote my blog.

A basic hyperlink looks like this:


Simply add a link that leads directly to your blog post. Then add what ever text you'd like. I like to just use the title of my latest blog post for ease and clarity.

You'll see below that I introduce my blog post as a signature of sorts. If you're feeling really creative, however, you can incorporate your hyperlink in the text of your Disqus comment to promote your blog.


Be creative without being overly “salesy.” You want to promote your content in a tasteful way.

Make sure the comment that you're leaving is substantial and meaningful. As a good will gesture, it's best to leave a comment with 8 or more words to help out that person's Google ranking. Any comment under 8 words is considered “Google Spam”, besides that fact that it's probably lacking in substance as well.

You can not only use this method to hyperlink in a Disqus comment, but you can also hyperlink your posts in many other comment systems too.

Be sure to test our your code first to make sure it works. 🙂

Happy Sharing!