It's no secret that we're in the era of interactive media. Modern social media metrics focus on impressions, retweets, clicks, and engagement. Unlike paintings and books, modern media is unique because it's designed to be directly interactive with its user.

If you're looking to bring the engagement to your posts, I'd suggest you start by adding in some of the easiest and most fun pieces of interactive content around: quizzes!

Quizzes are engaging, easy to set up, and offer you insights into who’s on your blog. They’re a total win-win for your readers and for you.

Get Started

First and foremost, let me recommend a product I like that makes quizzes super easy and beautiful right from the start: Interact Quiz Builder.

There are other programs you can use to make quizzes, but if you want one that’s easy, fast, and pretty, you can’t go wrong with Interact.

A big plus with Interact is the customization options. If you’re going to do quizzes, definitely make sure you add them into your blog in a way that feels seamless and natural.

Here's one that I've made:

Diversify Your Quizzes

You’ve got options when it comes to how you incorporate quizzes, so make sure you try different types. Every audience is different, and you may be surprised which quiz type works best. Don’t sit around and wait to find out. Try things!

Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Personality quizzes: Everyone likes to be asked about themselves, and personality quizzes have the double advantage of telling you about your audience and your audience about themselves. Did I mention how much I love a win-win?
  • Giveaways: If you want to entice your audience, whether it’s B2B or B2C, a giveaway with a good prize and solid social media promotion can take you far. Just be sure you offer something worth entering your giveaway. Don’t insult your followers by offering them something that’s not cool or valuable.
  • Polls: Ask a fun question! There’s no reason a poll can’t be something as silly as, “What’s your favorite Disney movie?” or “Tacos or pizza?”, so don’t overthink it.
  • Assessments: If you’re an expert in your field, why not offer a quick test of a particular area of interest? You can use it to plug an educational resource or a blog post.

How to Begin Your Quizzes Using Interact

When you first create your Interact account, you'll have the option to choose a template or start from scratch. If you love short cuts like I do, you'll want to choose from the dozens of templates available to you.

How to use Interact Quizzes

Next, select the industry that most closely fits yours. There are some great ones to choose from! I chose “Marketing.”

Then, choose what type of quiz you want to build. Here's a cheat sheet:

Assessment: Test knowledge in fun ways. Each quiz question will have one correct answer.

Personality: Make your own version of the classic personality quiz. Each quiz taker will see a personality type that applies to them and can be shared.

Scored: Make your own version of a scored quiz. Each answer has a score value associated with it and each quiz taker will see receive a score that corresponds to a unique score range.

For the outcomes that I want, I chose “personality” for my quiz time. Play around with the different options to see which one you like!

Interact Quizzes

Now, your next option is to choose a quiz that you think your audience will love. Don't get hung up here, you can edit and customize as you'd like later. Simply select one that fits with your desired outcome. Click through the options, read the questions, and examine the answers!

How to Customize Interact Quizzes

Now on to the fun part, customizing your Interact quiz. Before you begin customizing, it's important to focus on a goal. What do you want to give (or ask) of your audience after they get their results? Do you want them to sign up to your mailing list or grab a free resource? Or both! The choice is yours.

Next up, customize your quiz with your brand colors, logo, and fonts. Interact's backend process with prompt you through these steps.

Customize Interact Quiz

Then, go through all the questions and edit them to reflect your personality and branding. Don't overthink it too much and have fun!

Interact Quiz Questions

Get the Data

One of the reasons I like Interact in particular is the data feature. It’s all well and good to make a quiz, but if you don’t take advantage of the info you’re missing out in a big way.

Install the Facebook pixel and track leads from your Facebook ads. Or install Google analytics and see who comes to you from where. Raw data is one of your most powerful tools as a marketer, and quizzes let you take full advantage of it.

I like to use their powerful integration system to connect anyone who completes the quiz to my mailing list. I use ConverKit so I'm also able to tag users based on the results that they got.

Interact Quiz Intergrations

I’d honestly say quizzes are some of the most under-utilized engagement tools in the industry today, so don’t be scared to get out there and be remarkable online. You have the tools you need, all you have to do is experiment and see what works for you.