In our Savvy Student Spotlight Series, we shine a light on our amazing Savvy Social School Alumni and let them tell their stories.

Today we’re happy to introduce you to the grand prize winner of the 2023 LinkedIn Jumpstart Challenge. Ashley James!

Ashley’s marketing firm, ALJ Digital LLC, is leading the charge in elevating diverse voices by partnering with POC-led marketing agencies. Learn why she’s passionate about this space and how she uses social media to help her clients reach their goals.

What is your name?

Ashley L. James

What is your business name?

ALJ Digital LLC

What is your website?

Please link to your primary social media platform.

What excites you about your business?

It excites me to work with people of color and help them to accomplish social media goals for their clients. I love being an accessible resource for digital marketing questions and alleviating some of the stress they experience daily. Enriching the services offered by my agency partners makes me smile.

What makes you different from others in the same industry?

ALJ Digital is a white-label digital marketing firm, which means we can help POC-led marketing agencies offer digital marketing services to their clients conveniently. Their teams no longer have to deal with social media fatigue, confusion around new tools and tactics, no excessive overhead costs, and no need to hire someone new.

What is the one Savvy Social School training or tutorial you wish you had before you started your business?

It would have been great to have the Social Media Rockstar Framework when I first got started. Going through that program helps with putting together a solid plan for messaging, scheduling content, and so much more. It is extremely helpful when you are getting started and even later when you need help filling in missing pieces.

What's one piece of social media advice you'd like to share with the world?

Don't be scared to publish your content! It's not going to be perfect the first time, but you have to start to get better.

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your story and reminding us that the best way to get better is to get started.

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