For years, I’ve rooted for Fanbooster (formerly Social Report) and in this episode, I’m breaking down why it’s no longer the tool for me.

Side note: This was a super hard decision to make but ultimately, I had to make the best decision for me, my agency, and my community.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • The challenges I was having with Fanbooster
  • What I looked for in other tools
  • A few tools I tried that didn’t work for me
  • Why I chose Sendible as the best fit social media management tool for my agency

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I like to take a step back when I'm looking at reports for social media. I'm not just looking at how many followers we've got or how many likes this post got.”
  • “When I was testing out these tools, I was looking for a user interface that I wouldn't have to have a whole training session with my team to cover it.”
  • “Right from when I first signed up, [Sendible] really warmed me up with the customer service and then it was super easy to use.”
  • “I'm really excited to show up here in this space, on the podcast, be vulnerable with you, and talk about the challenges and this shift.”

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