Who are you?

That’s what clients wonder when considering your brand—ESPECIALLY if you’ll be coaching them through life-changing transformations.

And a lot of liking and trusting someone (be it a person or business) comes down to values.

Discover how to define and speak your brand’s values in this week’s episode.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • Why sharing your brand values is good for your business
  • #1 reason business owners struggle with speaking up about their values
  • How to be social-media-ready the minute controversial events go down
  • The fascinating way to uncover your strengths & translate them into business values
  • What your employees need from you as a business owner & boss (that will help you embody your brand values)
  • The benefits of routinely feeling UNCOMFORTABLE

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “A lot of business owners struggle with this because they haven't identified their values. I'm not going to lie: this is hard.”
  • “Social media should just be a reflection of your internal values. I'm going to say that again: social media should be a reflection of what your company believes internally already.”
  • “This is hard work. This is why we don't want to do it because we're human beings and we shy away from doing hard work.”
  • “When you're thinking about your value system, start with the things that you already do in your business. Try putting a name on it.”
  • “Strengthen your own brain—so that when things happen in the world and your values are put to the test—you are able to make a decision quickly and effectively. And sit with being uncomfortable.”
  • “We are humans having human conversations. And I think sometimes we forget about that.”

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