I like to compare social media to dating because both require multiple steps before you can build a solid relationship. However, instead of taking baby steps, a lot of business owners often use social media to go straight for the final step of proposal or marriage—asking for money or commitment much too quickly. Today, I’m sharing why you absolutely shouldn’t skip those crucial baby steps—and what those steps look like— when building connections online!  

In this podcast episode, I share:

  • Why you should think outside the box when finding your clients online
  • Suggestions for browsing paid online networks for your ideal client
  • Why it’s important to go where your audience hangs out online
  • The value of liking posts, leaving meaningful comments, and following people online  
  • Why you should consider direct messaging as part of your social media strategy
  • Suggestions for how much time you should spend on social media
  • Why you want to show up as supportive, confident, and positive on social media 

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Just like in dating, we need to have a wooing period when building connections online.”
  • “Act like a human. If you wouldn’t say it randomly to a stranger in Starbucks, don’t say it on social media.”
  • Be intentional every day—that’s the key to building strong relationships online. It’s not a secret and it’s not glamorous. You just have to put your head down and do the work!”

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