Graphic design is a term you may not necessarily associate with social media. Alexa Taylor joins me to discuss how graphic design can easily elevate your brand and your business. She shares why consistency is key as well as simple strategies to help you connect with your clients!   

In this podcast episode, we talk about:

  • What branding entails and the impact of graphic design
  • How to showcase your work on social media
  • What it means to have a curated look and how to achieve this style
  • The importance of spending time to connect with others on social media
  • The value of being intentional when you schedule posts

Listen to the episode here:

Meet Alexa Taylor

Alexa Taylor is the designer behind Alexa B. Creative & Design, a graphic design studio for entrepreneurs who want to confidently take their business to the next level. Since 2016, she's collaborated with small business owners to design compelling brand identities and created visuals to help them launch new offerings, including online courses, books and podcasts. Prior to starting her own business, Alexa worked as a graphic designer for a number of professional sports teams and organizations. Alexa is a Colorado native and currently lives outside of Denver with her husband and black lab, Sullie.

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