I love talking with other online marketers to learn more about their strategies for how to best leverage social media for businesses. Jamie joins me to discuss her journey from web design into online marketing. Whether you’re a solopreneur or working with a team, she shares super simple and valuable ways to up level your marketing game!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How and why Jamie began her marketing business
  • The challenges of transitioning from web design to marketing
  • The power of using social media to build an ecosystem for your business
  • 3 components of social media strategies: Consistency, Value driven content, and Videos
  • The difference between macro and micro content
  • Jamie’s advice for creating a strong content marketing strategy  
  • 2 strategies that Jamie uses for LinkedIN: Writing articles based on repurposed content and taking time to research contacts in order to make personal connections  
  • The benefits of using YouTube for your business

Listen to the episode here:

Meet Jamie Palmer

Jamie Palmer is a Digital Business Strategist & Coach Recognized for in-depth understanding and use of specialized digital marketing methods necessary for hyper-competitive industries; including IT, Marketing, Financial, hospitality and Professional Services. Acknowledged as a successful marketer and leader of individuals and corporate teams with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Highly informed in the wide variety of methods and techniques used in corporate training and adult learners. Expert at building highly engaged online communities with leadership techniques.

Jamie has recently contributed to Effingham, IL winning the Google eCity of 2014 Award through her Brandfluence™ Social Media Program. She has spoken at the Environmental Business Council on Social Media and RI BAR Association to discuss “How Systematic Storying Can Help Lawyers Show Value in Sales Conversations.“ Her other featured topics are: “Story as a Means of Understanding the Other,“ “Social Media Marketing ~ Monetize your Profiles,“ and “How Rhetoric Can be Your Best Friend in Business Development.“

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