Social media as a career barely excited 10 years ago. It’s really within those 10 years that the idea of having a single person or team manage social media became a huge priority for businesses both online and offline. So how does someone decide to be a social media manager if the industry is so new?

Today on the podcast, Leanne Knight shares her journey towards building a social media career.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Leanne transitioned from coding to social media
  • Her advice for new social media managers
  • Her path towards niching down
  • Her experience developing boundaries in the Thrive Mentorship program

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “People need [graphics] to express themselves or to promote their business.”
  • “We just have bad taste when we start out and how you get through that is just by practicing.”
  • “With everything that I'm doing, whether it's graphics or whether it's writing captions and things like that…I just need to do it.”
  • “Just because you know how to do it, it doesn't mean you have to be doing it.”

About the Guest:

Leanne is a graphic designer and social media manager with a passion for clear, simple communication. Her specialty is creating graphics for social media, so that business owners can have a professional and cohesive appearance. It is her mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs share their message on social media!

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Resources Mentioned:

Thrive Mentorship Program