I put a lot of thought and intention into building the Savvy Social Podcast and I know other podcasters do the same, so I really love learning about new tools that can help my show grow in a way I feel good about. I talk with Sean Creeley about his history as a serial entrepreneur and about how his newest company, Podsights, helps podcasters gain valuable insights and data on whether advertising is working for their podcast! 

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • Podsights’ background and what Podsights does for podcasters and advertisers 
  • How Podsights helps podcasters know what advertising is and isn’t working 
  • Why tracking podcast data is difficult and messy
  • The benefits of the podcast industry in comparison to other online industries 
  • How Podsights help small podcasters find advertising that aligns with their story 

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes: 

  • It’s a beautiful bubble and the bubble is expanding—more and more people are getting into podcasting. 
  • You advertise based off of content, not off of targeting users. 

About Sean Creeley 

Sean Creeley is a founder at Podsights. In a past life, Sean founded Embedly, a Y Combinator company, whose product was used by Reddit, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Microsoft and hundreds of other sites. Medium acquired Embedly in 2016.

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