No matter what industry you work in, transparency with clients can make or break your business. After a recent incident caused their users some understandable panic, the folks with Social Report made time to listen and respond to client concerns—including my own. I’ve invited Sam from Social Report on the show to discuss why no matter what happens your communication game is pivotal in keeping or losing clients! 

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • What happened with the Social Report tool and how it impacts current users  
  • What it means to be “customer obsessed” 
  • Why it’s important to focus on the silver lining of a negative situation
  • Social Report’s most recent status update 
  • Why you should consider using Social Report for your business 

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • I never had to guess where you were in that process because you were constantly updating us on the process.  
  • We’re now friends with our angriest clients…and they’ve become our biggest advocates. 
  • When everything was taken away it became super clear what was the most valuable. 
  • That many happy users can’t be wrong. There’s magic in the tools that have been brought together that allow small businesses and agencies to run.  

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  • Social Report: The world’s most complete social media management platform and my social media management tool of choice.
  • Savvy Social School: Everything you need to increase visibility, growth, and engagement on social media