2020 has tested how every business connects with clients, and social media has proven itself as a reliable and impactful resource over and over again.

Want to make sure you’re leveraging social media in the most meaningful way possible? Learn the 4 stages of my Social Media Success Framework to improve your social media strategy now!

In this podcast episode, I share:

  • Why you want to start with the end in mind when building your social media strategy
  • The power of knowing your preferences and creating a balance for your social media strategy
  • 4 Stages of Social Media Success Framework:
    ✅Stage 1 = Build
    📌3 W’s: What do you sell? Who is it for? Why does it matter?
    📌Focusing on the transformation you offer
    📌Understanding next steps, lead magnets, sales funnels, and your last step for clients
    📌What your digital brain entails and why it’s important for your business
    ✅Stage 2 = Create
    📌Foundational Content
    📌5 Pillars of Content
    📌Helpful Savvy Social Podcast episodes about posting, scheduling, captions
    ✅Stage 3 = Grow
    📌Savvy Engagement Growth Recipe: Liking, Commenting, Follow, Direct Message
    📌Tips for networking and starting genuine conversations on social media
    📌How to make the most of your time on social media
    ✅Stage 4 = Accelerate
    📌Paid advertising
    📌Facebook Groups and whether or not to create your own
    📌Leveraging other networks to build collaborations
    📌Podcast Guesting opportunities
    📌Outsourcing your social media

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “When we look at other people’s social media accounts, we see the tree and we don’t see the seed they started with.”
  • “Social media is nutrients for our business; it’s something we have to keep doing.”
  • “Whether you have a product or service—whatever your offer is—focus on the transformation.”
  • “Your digital brain is where your concepts live.”
  • “A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t say it to someone randomly in Starbucks, don’t say it on social media.”

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