Building a brand identity is a crucial cog in the business machine and influences the overall production of your content and marketing.

Amanda Shuman explains how brand strategy plays into your social media plan, how she builds out her own social media strategy, the importance of keyword research for social media videos, and the power of relationships to create loyal customers that will want to work with you again and again!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • What to consider when creating your brand strategy
  • How to translate your brand identity into social media content
  • Amanda’s goals for her social media strategy
  • 4 Levels of marketing your business: attract, community, convert, loyalty
  • Amanda’s YouTube strategy and favorite tools for optimizing her videos for searches
  • How Amanda nurtures her Facebook community
  • Amanda’s approach for boosting engagement on Live videos
  • Why Amanda focuses more on Instagram stories vs. posts
  • What tasks Amanda outsources for her social media strategy
  • Amanda’s favorite part of her service “Launch Strategy”
  • Details about Insider Emails and special offerings for Amanda’s community

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “Your brand design is only one gear to this big puzzle.”
  • “Remember: People are not seeing every single post you put out; they’re not as involved in your brand as you are.”
  • “YouTube is a giant search engine and you want your videos to be found.”
  • “When it comes time to book clients or promote a course, these people are ready to go because I’ve given them so much and I’ve built such good relationships with them.”

About Amanda:

Amanda is an award-winning website designer and brand strategist. She is also the founder and designer behind Carrylove Designs. Amanda is passionate about strategic design and believes pairing a beautiful brand aesthetic with an intentional website strategy is the cornerstone for success and booking clients effortlessly.

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