Full disclosure, I found my special guest, Elle Drouin, through her dog Mochi’s Instagram!! Elle joins me to discuss what it’s like to evolve with your business and really understand what user data says about your brand and your product. She shares tips for how to access great content whether it’s for social media, your website, or your new subscription-based program!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • Elle’s background with Instagram and digital marketing   
  • How Elle transitioned from digital marketing to owning a consulting business
  • Why Elle stepped out of consulting and started a styling photography business
  • How Elle has used social media to build community around her membership
  • How Elle creates curated content based on member feedback
  • Why Elle is launching new resources to help others with subscription based businesses
  • How Elle uses Pinterest to increase awareness for her businesses
  • Advice for new business owners who want great visual content

Listen to the episode here:

Meet Elle Drouin

Elle Drouin is a product stylist, brand photographer, and business mentor to creative entrepreneurs. After several years working as the Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for e-commerce businesses, Elle launched her own business to focus on helping online business owners build brands that are as profitable as they are pretty. She’s the creator of the Styled Stock Society, a stylish stock photography membership and teaches other women how to build sustainable businesses by creating recurring revenue streams.

Elle is also human behind the popular Instagram account @mochiandthecity. Elle's dog Mochi is a 4 year old maltipoo model and influencer with over 100,000 followers. Elle and Mochi have been featured on Entrepreneur, Refinery29, the Today Show, and a number of other media outlets. They've collaborated with brands like ABC, American Express, Disney, Google, and The Ritz-Carlton and also use their platform to raise awareness for organizations like the Humane Society and local rescue organizations.

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