As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve probably heard that it’s super important to narrow down your niche. Having a specific niche can help build your audience and your offering, but you may not know that it can also open the doors to hosting your own online summit! I talk with Krista Miller about how she got started in the world of summits, the value of knowing and understanding your niche, how live videos can encourage engagement, and how she uses Facebook Groups to build a summit community! 

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • How Krista transitioned from the corporate world to the online business space
  • Why Krista started hosting summits and launched “Summit in a Box” 
  • How Krista’s attitude toward social media has evolved from fear to fun   
  • Tips for how to promote your summit on social media 
  • Recommendations for tools to help build your summit 
  • Krista’s Facebook Group strategy for building a community for summit attendees 
  • How Krista used Facebook Ads to upsell her summit registration 
  • Advice for how to get the biggest ROI for your summit 

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes: 

  • That’s an important part of social media we sometimes forget: If it doesn’t feel fun to logon to the platform anymore, you don’t have to be locked in…if you don’t like it, you’re not going to do it.” 
  • “Really focus on the behind the scenes, tease out that excitement leading up to the summit, build up to the ask, and don’t just straight promote all the time.”
  • “For promotion, the more you can make use of your speakers, the better results you’re going to get.”  
  • “People really like summits when you have a specific goal for a specific niche.” 

About Krista Miller: 

Krista teaches online business owners how to skyrocket their revenue, grow their email lists, become leaders, and make mutually beneficial connections through online summits. These aren’t summits that leave speakers and attendees feeling gross and taken advantage of – her method is focused on strong connections, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved.


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