Even though social media use has spread like wildfire across the world, social media marketing is still a fairly new approach to how we do business and can be difficult to navigate for those new to the scene. It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap or experience impostor syndrome, so I asked Jen Conger to join me and explain the importance of listening to your audience, the value of understanding your mentality around social media, and how to get past your fear about posting and networking! 

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • Jen’s history with corporate marketing in a Fortune 500 company 
  • What kind of content Jen used for her company’s first social media posts 
  • When and why Jen decided to start her own social media business
  • Where people usually get stuck on their social media strategy 
  • Suggestions for improving your mindset around social media 
  • Why it’s important to get clear on your vision and commitment for social media 
  • Advice for conquering fear and leaning into vulnerability on social media 
  • Tips for building a community that helps your business grow 
  • Jen’s suggestion for using voice memos to really tap into the power of DMs 

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes: 

  • “It’s such an important step on any social media journey when someone’s creating their strategy, is to listen to the people who this is for.”
  • “We don’t have to be in the rat race.” 
  • “Sit with really what comes up for you when you ask yourself: What does social media mean for my business?” 
  • “Sometimes it’s just a matter of I’m gonna stick the scroll, and I’m going to be very intentional every time I go on social media about who I’m connecting with and how I’m doing that.”   
  • “It’s baby steps…and you can always start with your story and why you do what you do or how you got to where you were…”  
  • “How do I get in front of other audiences and just get visible?” 
  • “What’s separating people who are building incredible brands online…is they focus less on content development and pushing out stuff, and they concentrate more on relationship marketing.”  
  • “If you leave this podcast with one thing you want to start doing, it’s welcoming every single follower you have with a voice memo inside their DM.” 

Meet Jen Conger

Jen is a former corporate director of marketing turned social media coach, writer, speaker, and all around storytelling junkie. Her passion is for helping service-based female entrepreneurs sell on social media without feeling salesy or spammy. Jen is the host of The Social Jam, a growing Facebook community of women who are using social media to develop authentic, soulful relationships with collaborators and customers anywhere in the world.

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