What’s the why behind your business? More than likely, you can tell the story of your why to anyone who asks, but we often forget to use that story as inspiration in our daily grind.

Lynne Golodner built her business around her why and storytelling, and is here to discuss her incredible journey, how you can build a foundation for your storytelling marketing, and some simple steps you can take today to start using storytelling marketing in your business to let your clients know you’re human just like them!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How Lynne uses client stories to create amazing content
  • Lynne’s approach of “foundational messaging” to promote consistency and clarity
  • How to apply Lynne’s story-telling structure to social media
  • Lynne’s social media journey and the support she’s built for her brand
  • Recommendations for how to bring storytelling to your marketing strategy
  • Details about the Make Meaning Podcast

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “Look for the meaning or purpose that drives the work you do every day, because that’s where the human part of it is.”
  • “There has to be something in it for them…look at the mutual benefit which is in every marketing endeavor—there has to be something for me and something for you; social is no different.”
  • “Tell that story and be multi-dimensional so that people can relate to you and they can understand even if it all looks great on social media, you have your moments, too, and you’re only human…”

About Lynne:

Lynne Golodner is host of the Make Meaning Podcast and founder of the Make Meaning Movement. She is also Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Your People LLC, a marketing and public relations firm she started in 2007 to bring meaning and purpose to marketing for schools, universities, and municipalities.

A 2020 member of the Forbes Agency Council, Lynne Golodner was recognized by MichBusiness as a Marketing & PR Prophet in 2019 and by Crain’s Detroit Business as a Notable Woman in Marketing in 2018.

Author of eight books, including The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads and her forthcoming 9th book, What’s Your Story: an introduction to finding meaning and living from purpose, Lynne spent 15 years as a nationally-celebrated journalist before becoming an entrepreneur focused on marketing through storytelling, relationships and higher purpose.

A Fulbright Specialist, Lynne is a graduate of the University of Michigan (BA, Communications/English) and Goddard College (MFA, Writing). She is the mother of four teenagers and lives with her family in Huntington Woods, Michigan. Learn more about Lynne at http://www.yourppl.com and http://www.makemeaning.org as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

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