Bumble. Hinge. Tinder. How many singles do you know who’ve been stuck on these so-called “fast dating” apps (for years!)? What if I told you there’s an easier way to find love?

Matchmaking! But without the high professional fees. Because every matchmaker needs dates for their clients. In fact, demand is so high, Isabella Beham’s built an entire business recruiting dates for them. And in this episode, you’ll discover how this real life love scout is leveraging social media to grow it.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Isabella's secret to helping people fall in love with their special someone (& themselves!)
  • The conversation with the universe that shifted her career trajectory from blogger to matchmaker
  • Two mistakes she's seen coaches make on Instagram
  • Need to find your social media aesthetic? Try her tips & tricks
  • Which tools Isabella uses to plan & edit her posts
  • #1 Instagram metric she tracks
  • 2 types of posts performing REALLY well for her right now
  • The dating HORROR story you (& Isabella!) will never forget
  • Her 2 biggest growth drivers (besides Instagram)

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “Because recruitment was at least 50% of the time spent, it should be separated into two different jobs. And with matchmakers not really utilizing social media as a platform, I realized we can use social media to source potential dates for our clients.” — Isabella Beham
  • “As a coach, as a matchmaker, as a recruiter — Instagram is a living portfolio of the work that I can do. So that’s the perspective I took with it: of like, okay, as a freelance writer, what did my portfolio look like? What does a graphic designer's portfolio look like? And I try to translate that into being a coach, matchmaker, et cetera.” — Isabella Beham
  • “Another big change that happened several months ago was empowering myself to show more of my sense of humor. I was keeping it pretty serious and heavy — so making memes and graphics on Canva that relay the information that I find important but in a way that is less of a bummer.” — Isabella Beham
  • “My content can be planned out as far in advance as every three months. That being said, that's kind of a basic framework. If I have a strike of inspiration or holidays coming up or something like that, I will go off the plan and be a little bit more spontaneous.” — Isabella Beham
  • “How do you decide where the line is between what's personal and private and what you're actually sharing on social media? A lot of people feel like we wanna show up with vulnerability. We wanna show up with this sense of realness and connection with our audience. But also we have things that are personal that we don't share on social media.” — Andréa Jones
  • “I'm also sharing it in a way where it's constructive. So there has to be a lesson that we're getting… I'm not just dumping this crazy story that happened to me but reframing it in a way that provides value to my audience and knowing that I've already done the work to process that, so that it's not gonna be like this chaotic explosion of emotion.” — Isabella Beham
  • “Social media feels like everyone's being so transparent and vulnerable, but when we're approaching it from the perspective of business owners, we do have to make sure that what we're sharing is aligned with our ultimate goal. And that it's also helpful for the person on the other side consuming that information, as well.” — Andréa Jones
  • “Comments are a great way for two reasons. One, it's direct interaction, direct communication with your community. Two, a lot of the questions that people might ask in comments I will use to write posts in the future because that gives me direct insight into what my audience wants to know more about.” — Isabella Beham
  • “I think that's the key to growth going into this year and kind of looking into the upcoming years. It's all about that community experience. And it's all about word-of-mouth marketing.” — Andréa Jones
  • “I don't psychologically punish myself for not posting enough. I do show up in stories every day, unless I'm on a very strict Instagram fast.” — Isabella Beham
  • “I do take social media breaks. I will completely delete it off my phone. I think the longest I've gone is like three weeks or so without touching Instagram at all. And I think it's really good to refresh and for mental health. But it's also good creatively because when you're so immersed in other people's content, you can lose your voice and your own image of what you're trying to create.” — Isabella Beham
  • “With the creative piece, sometimes when I get super stuck, I like to just go outside and really be away from all of the technology. And that break can really give you that spark of information. It's almost like when you're in the shower and you get inspired by something because there's literally nothing else, and your brain is finally processing all of those ideas.” — Andréa Jones
  • “My first priority with everything in my life and in my business is my own alignment. So doing my inner work first and then everything else flows from that. And I find, as I clear these psychological blocks within myself, my business naturally kind of grows and changes.” — Isabella Beham
  • “If you're single, you can treat social media like catalog shopping for a husband. If you have the guts to reach out to them.” — Isabella Beham

About the Guest:

Isabella is a straight-shooting optimist who is here to bring fun and authenticity to your dating life. Isabella has impacted an audience on a global scale through her relationship writing and molding her psychological expertise into actionable dating guidance. Having completed her MA while traveling the world, she is a natural researcher, risk-taker and problem solver.

She combines these skills with her creativity and intuition to help clients find genuine people they can be themselves around. Isabella doesn't just want to help you fall in love, she also wants you to fall in love with yourself.


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