If you’re a pro at social media, then you can just hop onto Instagram or Twitter and post without giving it a second thought. But not everyone is a pro. Beginners need to take the time to plan out what their posts are going to look like. I like to compare it to walking into the gym for the first time. You can’t just jump up to the 100 lb weights. First, you have to start with that 5-10 lb range. Today we’re going to talk about how to successfully create that 5-10 lb social media post.

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • Choosing only 1 platform to start out
  • How often you should even be posting on social media
  • Utilizing promotional content in order to grow your brand
  • Showcasing your expertise through educational content
  • Letting everyone know that this whole thing is bigger than you
  • Sharing entertaining content to keep it light-hearted
  • Engaging with your audience with quotes, questions, or controversial topics
  • Creating designs for all or some of your content pillars
  • Outlining a fuller content calendar for yourself
  • Using free tools to help you plan your calendar
  • Planning for all of your future needs and growth

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes: 

  • “I can’t just run-up to those 100 lb weights and start lifting them. I’ve got to start with those 5-10 lb weights first.”
  • “A lot of people like sharing their opinion. Everyone’s got one, and we all love sharing it.”

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If you\'re a beginner at social media, you need to take the time to plan out what your posts are going to look like. Listen now for the tips you need to get started.