Every time you click play on a YouTube tutorial or a product review video, you’re increasing engagement for someone else’s business. The good news is, you can boost your own business by sharing your own videos with quality content.

I know making videos can sound overwhelming, so if you’re still on the fence about adding videos to your marketing strategy, listen in as I dig into the data about how powerful video really is in 2020!

In this podcast episode, I share:

  • What consumers say about when, how, and why they watch videos
  • How video ads impact consumers and why YouTube is outpacing Facebook Ads
  • How videos can be used as learning tools that influence purchasing decisions
  • The power of mobile-friendly videos and videos with captions
  • My personal theory about using videos to capture attention
  • Realistic suggestions for creating quality video content without feeling overwhelmed
  • How I plan to use video for my own business
  • Important information about Facebook’s latest update
  • How the Savvy Social School offers support as you navigate using video to grow your business

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “When we’re looking at video and it’s effectiveness, I want to know what consumers say about video. I want to see that data.”
  • “As consumers, [Instagram Story ads] don't feel as intrusive as other ads; the content being created there is native to the stories; it looks like an Instagram Story.”
  • “If you think about how you interact with video content, even if you don’t click like or leave a comment or anything, just by looking at that content, you’re telling the algorithm that content is more valuable than the static images around it.”
  • “Focus on creating quality work that actually captures the attention of your audience, and spend more time on that quality work than creating quantities of posts that people aren’t engaging with.”
  • “It wasn’t polished, it wasn’t perfect, but it got the top engagement of the month because I just kind of showed up as I was.”

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