More than ever, our world is experiencing change and offering a valuable digital course, program, or product is an excellent way to help your clients and your business.

Keba Richardson joins me to share her own digital journey and how she originally started in a completely different industry, her first launch of earning $1K, how she encourages her clients to create digital products, and more!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • What led Keba to transition from being a hairdresser to a health coach with an online program
  • What Keba’s first launch looked like on Facebook and Instagram
  • Other types of digital offerings Keba has promoted on Facebook and Instagram
  • What Keba’s posts look like when sharing her products or programs on social media
  • Why Keba transitioned to a business coach
  • Keba’s process for approaching social media as a business coach
  • The mindset shift Keba wants to offer those struggling in the coaching business

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “I started sharing the story, and people started asking me for help.”
  • “If you come from a place of helpfulness, if you come from a place of excitement…those two things can’t beat out any other sort of strategy because you’ve got to be excited about it and you’ve got to come from a place of actually helping people.”
  • “That was the beginning of becoming a digital creator and really understanding that you can take expertise and turn it into something that people buy.”
  • “When I post, I try to always tell a story in my captions.”

About Keba:

Keba Richardson graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Business Economics, and has spent over 4 years in the digital space as a holistic nutrition coach. In her time as a health coach, she leveraged the online space with online courses, digital programs, products, membership programs and more.

Keba is now the founder and creative director of her own consulting agency Online Biz Wizards. Keba and her team specialize in online course creation, funnel building, automation, and digital marketing. Keba and her team help coaches and consultants turn their expertise into digital products so they can earn passive income, serve more people, make a greater impact, and enjoy more freedom in their businesses.

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