Have you ever looked at your website’s traffic data or insights of your social media and felt completely lost? You’re definitely not alone if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when trying to figure out what’s bringing clients in and what isn’t.

Rita Barry joins me and explains the importance of tracking your marketing analytics, where to start with your measurement, the different stages of a marketing funnel, how to understand marketing benchmarks, organic vs. paid social media strategies, and really breaks down how to look at your data with more confidence!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How Rita helps businesses understand their marketing metrics
  • Advice for those new to marketing data and how to narrow your focus on one measurement
  • Suggestions for how to ask questions when interpreting your marketing metrics
  • 4 Metrics to consider: Awareness, Nurturing/Engagement, Sales, After-sale/Retention
  • How to know if the answers you get from your data are good or need more attention
  • How to find benchmarks for your specific business marketing needs
  • What to look for regarding organic social traffic and creating goals in Google Analytics
  • How Rita determines what clients she works with and how her passion impacts her decisions

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “There’s some sort of confidence that comes with once you know the numbers, then you feel more confident to move forward…”
  • “Get really specific about the questions you want answered, and then specifically go look for the answer to that.”
  • “Focus on that one little piece and really dig into that, rather than trying to look at all your site traffic because that’s not really where insightful metrics come from…”
  • “When we’re doing any sort of measurement, we’re really looking for trends and patterns over time.”
  • “Measure yourself against yourself…it’s the best way to improve.”

About Rita:

Rita is the owner of Rita Barry & Co. and a measurement marketing expert. For the past ten years, she and her team have been helping women-led digital businesses turn their marketing data into confident business decisions.

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