That coach has thousands of followers. This influencer’s making millions after just one year in the game. And you?

Maybe you’re struggling just to post everyday because you’re busy getting your business off the ground. Worse? You’re feeling bad about it.

And therein lies the problem with putting our lives online: no one talks about the failures and setbacks they’ve encountered on the road to success. Well get ready to feel a whole lot better because in this episode, you’ll hear my 7 biggest marketing fails (& HUGEST win). So listen up y’all.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • What my first taste of (PAID) online success looked like
  • The genius move that saved my interview with Steve Madden in 2008 (thanks mom!)
  • 2 HUGE reasons not to buy followers
  • How NOT to let content creation take a backseat when your business starts taking off
  • The #1 platform for getting your online business discovered (that still sends my agency new leads)
  • THIS channel was a game changer for my business
  • Are you wasting time on social media (like I did)? Listen to find out now
  • The marketing fail that burned up so much of my time (& how to avoid making the same mistake)
  • Why social media feels very hard for a lot of business owners and marketers
  • How to get access to the Savvy Social School for an entire year for 🎉 FREE 🎉

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I think that those are the rags-to-riches stories: ‘I started with $0, and now I'm a multi-gajillionaire’ — it happens to one in a million people. Your average user is going to be penalized for buying followers. The platforms are more savvy now.”
  • “I say, ‘absolutely not.’ We had a client recently who did THIS with YouTube subscribers. Now they get so much spam on their channels, and we're not ranking for any of our keywords.”
  • “I met my husband on YouTube in 2013. After the second VidCon that I went to, I made a commitment to start collaborating with a bunch of people — just like you'd interview someone on a podcast. We did a collaboration together on a video, and then we just kept talking. I went to see him in Toronto. He came to Atlanta to see me, and the rest is history. We've been married for almost eight years.”
  • “They searched for something they desperately needed help with. They found one of our videos, they watched the video, and they went, ‘This is amazing! Let me sign up for her free course.’ And then they go through our funnels and become students, or they just become amazing members of our community.”
  • “If you're thinking about doing long-form content like YouTube or even blogging, do it now. Commit to it now because that content lives forever.”
  • “This is something we've been talking a lot about in the Savvy Social School lately, which is the concept of building out your digital brain. And it's what we do here with this podcast. We commit to creating content for the podcast, and then we repurpose those thoughts and ideas on social media as social media content.”
  • “If you spend 30 minutes crafting a post that people are gonna see for a day and then it's gone — is that really worth your time? Or would it be more valuable to spend an hour creating a podcast that's gonna continue to get traffic driven to it and continue to get downloads and listens over the years?”
  • “I wish I were the type of person who woke up inspired every day, and I'm just not. And I used to think that there was something wrong with me because of it. You see all the influencers out there documenting their entire day, and that's just not my personality. I think most of us are that way, especially those of us who are business owners. There's the ups and downs of running a business. That's very challenging. It's a different world than being a content creator. And we can't rely on our feelings for that.”
  • “I'm not waiting until I feel like it; I'm designing my time around it. And if I had learned this sooner, I feel like mistake #3 wouldn't be as painful to me ‘cuz I would've found that solution earlier.”
  • “The big challenge for me is that I am an experimenter. I am a marketer, and that's my zone of genius. So it's really hard to find someone who can fit in that zone of genius.”
  • “I'm reading Run Like Clockwork right now. It's one of those books that talks about how as a business owner you have the thing that you do and that you protect your time. Social media is one of those things where I have to protect it with my time. It's our livelihood. It's the business. It's how I can show up here on the podcast, and how I can show up for our clients. So to outsource that piece, we'll lose some of that magic. And especially when I'm not explaining the magic behind it all.”
  • “As an online educator, what I've learned in teaching adults is that we have to know why we're doing something. Otherwise, it's gonna be really challenging to commit to doing it. This is why I talk a lot about mindset because oftentimes when it comes to social media, it's so easy to get bogged down by all of the changes and to feel overwhelmed. So when I'm teaching subjects, I keep students grounded by asking them, ‘Why is this important to you?’”
  • “That was the biggest compliment I could receive because I say this over and over again: social media should be a mirror. It should reflect what's happening in your business. Social media is not a megaphone. Your social media should reflect where your business is today. Not where you want it to be in a few years.”

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