Have you ever worked hard but struggled to get ahead?

Linda Taliaferro sees it all the time: professionals who check ALL the right boxes — degrees, credentials, experience — stuck in their corporate careers. She knows firsthand how frustrating it can be because she’s been there during her climb to Vice President of a global technology firm and while building her career coaching business, The TEE, the Extra Effort.

While she discovered how to shift the trajectory of her career, she hit a roadblock when building brand awareness for her business.

That’s where we came in!

See how partnering with OnlineDrea “changed [her] life as an entrepreneur” below…

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The Challenge: Targeting Everyone without a Strategy

What’s more frustrating than not understanding how to share your powerful, career-changing expertise on social media? Hiring a so-called “social media pro” who doesn’t help you.

That was Linda’s situation when she came to us. The problem?

The service provider she’d hired wasn’t offering any direction on how and where to position Linda’s brand. Strategic insight she needed because, at the time, her target audience was too broad: all women encountering roadblocks in their corporate careers.

It’s no secret you have to work twice as hard when you’re trying to resonate with everyone in a particular space. And that proved to be the case for Linda. The at-the-time busy Vice President of a Fortune 500 company struggled to keep up with creating content for social media, including her weekly Live Stream.

She needed a strategy. STAT.

The Goal: Rebrand & Repurpose to Resonate (with Less Work)

Studies have found that women of color are more likely to experience workplace harassment than any other group while at the same time receiving less support from their managers.

So our first goal was to narrow down Linda’s target audience to Black and Brown women because many of the challenges she overcame in her own career stemmed, at least in part, from being one of the only women of color in her organization: microaggressions; sexual harassment; discriminatory compensation practices. She dealt with it all.

Our job was to help these women find Linda (& the expert support she could give them) — without tasking the busy executive with loads of content creation. The second goal then? Expand Linda’s brand awareness on social media but not her workload.

Here’s how we accomplished both…

The Solution: Relaunch Brand with The Digital Brain Strategy

What’s behind every brand? People. So can you guess our first step?

Get to know Linda!

Not just the dynamite entrepreneur. Not just the established executive. But the person behind all the titles. We needed to understand her story, her motivations, her viewpoint, and how she expressed her unique perspective, so we could do her voice justice when we amplified it to the world on social media.

Next, we set to work giving her brand the makeover that would propel her to booked-out career strategist with big brands on her waitlist:

✔ Relaunched Linda’s brand to position her as the go-to career strategist for Black and Brown career women.

✔ Implemented the Digital Brain Strategy, so Linda only has to work hard 1x a week to create her live stream, and we do the rest through strategic repurposing:

  • Blog post
  • Podcast episode
  • Newsletter
  • Dozens of social media posts

✔ Rebranded Linda’s creative to convey her personality and values with visual cohesion.

Before OnlineDrea’s Design Team

After OnlineDrea’s Design Team

The Results: Career Strategist Takes Her Seat at the Top (of the Feed!)

You know what happens when you’re showing up at the right places and talking to all the right people?


In the world of social media, that meant growing Linda’s Instagram follower count from 300 to 1,000 in just one year.

It meant filling up her waitlist with Fortune 500 companies like FedEx, the Michigan Chronicle, OESA, the Women of Color STEM Conference, and the AWA Foundation.

And, most important of all, it means fostering connections and teaching truth like this:

This is just a glimpse into the community we helped Linda build to support women of color navigating corporate America and get their seat at the table. Conversations like these happen every day across Linda’s platforms and channels:

✔ Weekly live streams beamed across Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube with our favorite affiliated product Restream.

✔ LinkedIn Polls on the issues of the day — whether in the Supreme Court or around the corporate water coolers.

✔ The Facebook Group where Linda holds a safe space for conversation.

In the Client’s Own Words

“I don't know if I have the proper words to express the impact Andréa and her team has had on my business and the extreme value I get from their expertise. Frankly, I don't believe I would be where I am today if it weren't for her wisdom, talented team, experience, guidance, and more. And they deliver with excellence! She has been not just the manager of my social media presence, but she helped me establish my brand. She has become an invaluable business partner.” — Linda Taliaferro

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